Friday, November 18, 2005

Life in brief

This should be really brief

1st Anniversary

It’s been a year now. It feels like only yesterday. The whole family could get through it very well now especially mom. I suppose the other family members would have gone to the cemetery to pay their respect to dad. I know it’s a little bit mental but I don’t go to the cemetery. Why? I think maybe because I don’t like the smell of the earth especially after it rains.

Happy Birthday to myself!

I have lost the excitement to celebrate my birthday next week. I usually feel exhilarated a few weeks before and when it is approaching I would slowly loose the excitement and totally forgot about it. The greatest gift that I could have is to have another chance in life.

Despair is a sin

The prophet’s said, “ Despair is a sin:
The grace and benefits of the creator are infinite
You should never despair of such a benefactor;
Hold on with all your strength to the stirrups of God.”
Many miseries are hard to endure at the beginning
But then they are relieved, and their anguish vanishes.
After despair, many hopes flourish, just another darkness
Thousands of suns open and start to shine.
Our duty is to resign ourselves and do what God wills.

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kimster said...

Life can be long, and you've got to be so strong.
And the world, she's so tough,
Sometimes I feel I've had enough.

from "How?" by JWL.