Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 2010

Summing it up with photos rather than write-ups. Here are some of my favourite photos for January.

Nidji's Showcase at Dragonfly Kuala Lumpur 






Monday, January 04, 2010

Sembang-sembang jam 3am

kekure: salam bos how are you doing?

yasminthestoryteller: salaam. very good, alhamdulillah

kekure: alhamdulillah..have you started your japanese titled movie?

yasminthestoryteller: pre-producing. the hero damn hensem!

kekure: alaaaa...jeles ni!more handsome than peter davis from sell out?

yasminthestoryteller: i didn't think peter davis was hensem.

kekure: saw him live..hensem la compared to the director himself hehehehe

yasminthestoryteller: i'm not big on mat salleh looks, you see.

kekure: yeap i know..

yasminthestoryteller: but i think joon han more attractive than peter davis!

kekure: joon han is cute..finally met him last nite at mid was nice talking to him about sell out

yasminthestoryteller: ah, i've never met him, though

kekure: gosh i miss our screening with the q&a session..stumbled into him at starbucks..he was with peter davis..

yasminthestoryteller: too busy lah, mem

kekure: you're such a busy bee

yasminthestoryteller: how's the film doing?

kekure: last nite it had about 30 people inside..the most interesting bit is that all of us didn't move even though it was already end of credit..joon han said that it's quite slow

yasminthestoryteller: oh dear

kekure: lots of bloggers wrote good things about this hopefully it'd help a bit with the tickets sale

yasminthestoryteller: malay bloggers like it more than chinese bloggers, apparently

kekure: yeah..i agree with that..maybe they feel like joon han is mocking his own people?

yasminthestoryteller: that wasn't the complaint. they just didn't like it

kekure: strange..i thought chinese would like it more than malays..

yasminthestoryteller: yah, i know. every time a chinese person says they didn't like it,mcgarmott and allan will attack them! so funny!

kekure: hahaha..semangat kesukanan betul!

yasminthestoryteller: mcgarmott says sellout is the best malaysian film favourite malaysian film in the last 12 months is "budak kelantan"

kekure: i haven't seen budak kelantan..but i got to watch wayang..not that bad though..after the preview one of the bloggers said to me that it was quite hard to digest the humour

kekure: the bottomline is the humour is quite tricky to digest..if you like the first 15 mins then you'll like it lthe rest of the movie..if you cannot stand it then you'd leave the hall then

yasminthestoryteller: hmmm... maybe

kekure: Clement Chan wrote at 11:06

I watched this on the 9th May at night at Sunway Pyramid with my best friend - 11.45pm showtime. Great movie, had us laughing out loud from the start to the end, and the last scene is just genius.

But I have to draw your attention, Joon Han, of what happened when we went to GSC Pyramid. We arrived at around 11.30pm, saw that there were only two other movies available (can't remember what they are now). We went to the counter, asked for Sell Out!, and she told us that there were only front seats left, but I asked her to show me the seats anyway. And guess what? Turns out that there were more than ample seats - in fact when we entered the hall later, it was half empty.

I don't know if this is a conspiracy against local movies or what, but I thought that you should know. Last I read, Yasmin Ahmad had the same problem before - which is just disappointing imo.

yasminthestoryteller: talentime had same problem as gubra. but i malas nak komplen dah

kekure: do you think that there is a conspiracy here?

yasminthestoryteller: dunno

kekure: it really is perplexing..maybe they want the movie to last only 1 week so that they could have the hall to screen blockbuster movies

yasminthestoryteller: *maybe. it's all about money. but mukhsin no sabotage

kekure: mukhsin's ticket selling was good and perhaps there wasn't any blockbuster movie at that time

yasminthestoryteller: i think the only way to sell tickets is to make all-malay films

kekure: like bohsia jangan pilih jalan hitam?

yasminthestoryteller: yes. even though not guaranteed. jangan tegur didn’t do very well

Gigi – Sang Pemimpi (OST Sang Pemimpi)

sambut hari baru di depanmu
sang pemimpi siap untuk melangkah
beri tanganku jika kau ragu
bila terjatuh ku kan menjaga
kita telah berjanji bersama
taklukkan dunia ini
menghadapi segala tantangan bersama
mengejar mimpi-mimpi
berteriaklah hai sang pemimpi
kita takkan berhenti di sini
kita telah berjanji bersama
taklukkan dunia ini
menghadapi segala tantangan bersama
bersyukurlah pada yang maha kuasa
hargailah orang-orang yang menyayangimu
yang selalu ada setia di sisimu
siapapun jangan kau pernah sakiti
dalam pencarian jati dirimu
dan semua yang kau impikan
tegarlah sang pemimpi
berteriaklah hai sang pemimpi
kita takkan berhenti di sini
kita telah berjanji bersama
taklukkan dunia ini
menghadapi segala tantangan bersama