Sunday, August 06, 2006

A new lease of life

Words just get in the way

I had too many news for the past 2 weeks. But the most important, the most gigantic, the most bizarre of it all would be my housemate is moving out in a month. But what made it worst? She only told me about it after I bought the router, which she had agreed upon. Oh yes weirdo! I have a money-printing factory in Perak. Duh!

So far, I have decided not to find any new housemates. Since my working hour is now from 7am till late, it’d be best not to have anyone in the house. It’d be fun to come home, open up the door, and take off your shoes and head straight to lie down in front of the TV in the living room! But my decisions will definitely depend on my budget for the next 11 months. The project that I’m working on is scheduled for 3 years but my contract is for 1 year only since the 1st year is the most crucial phase of all. We’ll see how it goes.

Kimutaku and friends

Kimu now lives with 3 other friends from the unknown species. I went back to my hometown a few weeks ago for 2 days and what did I found when I came back? A fish corpse or whatever you call them. I suppose kimu and the gang were too hungry that they decided to eat the weakest link. After that day, I never look at them the same way before. I mean, who would have thought, well, I would never have thought that they would eat each other. They are fish for god sake! If cats, then it’d be a different story.

Anyway, they are fine and live healthily. I’m now counting the days for the third month now. Hopefully none would be killed anymore.

Wangi jadi saksi

And to kill you Jebat,mybrother,is just not me - excerpts from wangi jadi saksi

Siapa itu Wangi? LRT Dang Wangi? Muahahahaha

With big names like Khalid Salleh, Khir Rahman, Dato’ Rahim Razali and Vanidah Imran in this theater, one would make a big mistake not to catch it. Got the invitation from Nazrul and I missed it due to the meeting that started at 7pm (my boss likes to have the team meeting at 7pm which means that one needs to run away from the office at 6pm sharp if one already have an appointment with friends so that the boss would schedule the meeting tomorrow) and ended at 8.30pm. But I was invited by Fadz to watch it on Friday and boy I was glad that I got out early and the boss missed me.

In Wangi Jadi Saksi we have Wangi, as Jebat's lover that have to deal with the truth behind the murder of Jebat.Khalid Salleh was outstanding as Pateh Kerma Wijaya. Vanidah Imran has definitely proved her capabilities to shine as perempuan melayu terakhir not only in the movie with the same title but in wangi jadi saksi too. Well, I don’t know how to review it with all the technical terms and metaphors, so on and so forth, and I shall leave that to Fadz but I strongly believe that this theater should be staged in Istana Budaya after this. I think I had enough of musical theatre there this year.

Do all the donkeywork, ladies!

It’s almost 2 months now that I’m involved in the project. It’s kind of interesting but one thing for sure; the downside of it would be the long hours. I have started with the new working hours, 7am till late which most of the times at midnight for almost 2 weeks now. After the 6th days my body just refused to work and I decided to come home at 5pm and I slept from 6pm until 5am the next day.

It was hard at first to get up every morning at 5am and get to work at 6.30am. After a while it is kind of cool because there’s no traffic and you when you get to the office it is all but peace and quiet. But good things wouldn’t last for long. There’s one loud soul who calls me honey that comes to the office at 7.30am every morning that always manage to ruin my day. How I wish I could just make myself invisible!

The works is same-o-same-o but the office mates are not as interesting as those in my previous department. Everyone seems to be glued to their workspace and not that friendly. Even worst I have 2 secretaries and 1 assistant that always fight with each other and I would have too much of dramas in one day. One is the miss-know-it all, one is I-don’t-know-how-to-do-my-work-but-I-couldn't-care-less-as-long-as-my-boss-loves-me and the last one is the everyone-got-big-pays-but-I-have-to-do-all-the-shitty-jobs-and-will-complaint-everything-to-kekure. Enough said.

2 data entry clerks that do all the boring jobs for me come to work at 9.30am, leaves at 6pm and will take 2 hours break on every Friday annoys me as much. I gave one of them some data that needed to be recorded on that very day since I have to send in the report the next day. And guess what? She just left early because I’m married and my husband’s waiting for me. I would die of heart attacks if this should continue for one year.

With all the attacks and holocausts in the MidEast lately, it reminds me of the book We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With our Family. In the book it was said that The US refused to use the word genocide to address the situation in Rwanda though thousands of people had been killed.

Based on that, I suppose the word attacks is used instead of war because we are in denial. Is it that hard to admit that there is another war going on?