Thursday, January 11, 2007

Spot the grammatical errors!

I wish I could slang him for his grammatical errors*sigh*

As we know, XXX is a experience person on the transmissions. He studies the documents deeply and the installation! He cannot accept small mistake even the tape error! on the documentation, otherwise the document will be rejected. xxx and I have met him regarding the documentation issue.
He comment and requested as shown below:

1.) Formatting issue -
The Site A status and information must be lower side band then follow by upper side band as site B including Site survey information, Drawing layout, Photo and ATP.

2.) Paper quality.

3.) Layout issue -
The propose antenna, feeder run and IDU position drawing must teally to the photo taken at site before and after the installation.
- The feeder length must indicate at all the position. for example: feeder length count from antenna position to IDU position.
- The tower length position must indicate: A, B, C and D. For example: (Drawing Top-view) If the North position facing to top, the A indication is located at the top of the right-hand side tower -leg (clockwise).

4.) Factory test result on the microwave equipment.

5.) All the test result must attach to the document such:
- Frequency scanning spectrum result.
- AGC flat-fit margin result.
- BER performance result.
- Softwave configuration.

6.) Signature on the document process follows the table contents and not compile together.

7.) He prefers the BER performance result by using the original paper from Digital transmissions analyzer and not using A4 generated from soft-wave.

Notice: We cannot fix a target or deadline to Sub-cons as similar like Node-B because we need to submit one example completed document as according to (^O^) standard. Let him comment on the PDH documentation until he feels that our PDH document satisfactorily. If the PDH document approved by XXX. We must let him to sign on the confirmation on the PDH format (acknowledgment) to prevent of him to propose new ideas on the documents format in future.
Action : After everything is confirm then we will start to fix a target or deadline to sub-cons for the PDH submissions

***this is a sign that I am too bored at work***

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