Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Life in brief


The so called assistant, bajingan, had been promoted to be my new so called leader. Found out that he showed the database that I had developed myself for weeks to the management and claimed that it was his. Almost went amok in management meeting when he got all the credits while I had been dubbed as incompetent.Updated the database on daily basis and forwarded to Bajingan but protected with password. Bajingan asked for password but sarcastically asked him to update it himself as he also had the “same database” that he presented to the management. Bajingan ended up being so mad and had to start everything from scratch.


Went back for a short visit. The family was fine. Had lotsa great home meal. Yummy to the max!

Skill Developed

Cursing under my breath while smiling like a clown

Strong Language

Diversity of cursing languages (Malay, Chinese, French, Java)

Looking forward to