Friday, March 09, 2007

The man on the Clapham omnibus

Life is pretty hectic for the past few days
Wake up at 6am to get to work
Arrive to the office at 7.30am and start working right away
Finish working at 8.30pm
No lunch for a couple of days this week
I’d have to work like this until 21st of March
The deadline for most of us in the project as we have been considered as failures
Quote from the GPM : Somebody’s going to be fired from the project but I am sure as hell that it wouldn’t be me.

Bajingan is his usual self

A real pain in the axx

Someone almost punched him on the face the other day
No lessons learn though
As a layman he really is a hopeless case
He always got issues with me including on why I always have to attend the meetings with the customer
He’s such a tough nut
Get real Bajingan!

I have more responsibilities than you do
I have been assigned a new project which drafts have to been delivered by next week and it really is time consuming and lots of meetings to attend
What makes thing worst is that he always claimed that he’s my friend
Oh man! I wish I could just strangle him with the LAN Cable or just throw him out of the window
My colleagues and I had dubbed him as the drama queen
He’d always walk around with a piece of paper and a pen in his hand just to show people how busy he is
I had to buy an mp3 player since I just couldn’t stand his 120Db voice
One could always hear his conversations on the phone even if they are 100m away


I know, I know.
Lots of people have been writing in their blogs about how moving this movie is
But what I can tell you is this; please watch this movie with an open heart and you should soon realize that the colours and the feelings that you sense in the movie will be engraved in your mind
You’ll be amazed to see how honest Mukhsin and Orked could be about their feelings towards each other
And most of all I know that the songs will be played again and again in your head
Let me know what you think of the movie will you?

"Plug In Baby"

I've exposed your lies, baby

The underneath is no big surprise

Now it's time for changing

And cleansing everything

To forget your love

My plug in baby

Crucifies my enemies

When I'm tired of giving

My plug in baby

In unbroken virgin realities

Is tired of living

Don't confuse

Baby you're gonna lose

Your own game

Change me

Replace the envying

To forget your love

My plug in baby

Crucifies my enemies

When I'm tired of giving

My plug in baby

In unbroken virgin realities

I'm tired of living

And I've seen your loving But mine is gone

And I've been in trouble

Mental note

One could always have a whale of a time if given the chance to spend their time with a person that they adore

A great way to start your day; seeing the face of the one you adore when you wake up

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Anonymous said...

me say you're lucky~ on the last part, it is. :x