Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fue Un Viaje Estupendo

I’m jobless, yet again. I thought it’d be fun this time around as I’d have more time to watch dvds and read lots of books. But no, it’s not as good as it seems. 1st day of joblessness, I ended up doing spring cleaning. I thought after all the hard labors I’d sleep like a log when the clock stroke midnight. And yes, you guess it right I ended up reading till dawn.

I didn’t know what has hit me the other day but I kept thinking about friendships and its effects in our life. I happened to have a very long conversation with someone who I is more senior than I am. She is having a hard time with some friends that she knew of when she was studying abroad. She really is a sensitive woman and it’s got nothing to do with the fact she is about getting her menopause soon but that’s who she really is. She said to me that the older we get the lesser friends that you have. I suppose it comes with the territory.

I couldn’t agree more with her. As of today, I had lost a few friends. All of them were the friendships that I built as far as 10 years ago. The hardest to let go would be Betty who went back to the US for good. She got more phone calls from me than my mum. Her family needs her more and I wish her good luck. We never bid farewell the last time we met. Betty is always the positive one in our friendship and I know she is always hopeful that we’ll get to see each other, not soon but someday.

The other one is someone that I dear the most, someone that I could confide into about everything without being dubbed as silly, pathetic or annoying. Well, I have been called names and what not by my friends or so called friends. But what the heck, I don’t give it much thought but at times I do feel like I should put some poison in their food or blast their head of with cocktail bomb or which ever suitable. I suppose it’s time to let this friend go. This person is wanted more somewhere else and it was such a blessing to know this person for a very, very long time. We have gone through a lot and I believe that Allah will bless my friend and his family, insya Allah.