Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Misión Cumplida

I was at the clash of the titans yesterday. Pics will be uploaded as soon as me girlfriend found the camera cable and send the pics to me. :)

It’s been a month without any posting so I had to struggle to update my blog today. Hence the title.

Kekure on Work

I am on emergency leave today. Second time since I started working in the new company. When you have to do things that are repetitive day in and day out then I suppose you will also be doing the same thing? Taking unofficial day off like emergency leave will be a norm. Trust me.

My contract is going to end in 2 weeks and I have informed my manic superior that I have no slightest intention to continue for another month. 3 months is enough for me. My brain is dead and I am losing my capability to think out of the box. Literally!

Come to think of it, I shall write about my superior then. At least I could lessen the urge to throw her out of the window from the 36th floor everyday when I go to work and have to see her sour face. She really is a devil and I am the 6th persons who have to work with her and feel bullied everyday. Well, one girl just left after working with her for one day. I think that’s enough to prove how mean she could be. (Note: Please refer to my last post on my VP. The superior’s evilness is 100 times higher than hers or they both could be at the same level at times depending on the seriousness of the issues that they both have to settle for the board of directors).

She screamed at me the other day for she felt that I have opted not to communicate with her which is true. When I first joined in the department, she kept repeating to me that I shall never mingle with others as she is afraid that my mind could easily be poisoned. In a way she is always so manipulative that she told me sometime ago about lots of people have lodged complaints against me at the Employee Relations Unit. I happened to see our HR Manager at the surau and asked her about it. The reply that I got was my superior is a psychotic and love to make things up so that people will follow her lead. No one lodged complaints against me and she simply made things up so that I would work until my brain had hemorrhage and I collapsed to death for.

Another thing is that she always treats me and demands me to work as her secretary which I am not. She is not entitled for a secretary but you know how a control freak could be. So I was hired to be her secretary cum department administrator cum junior clerk cum document controller cum dispatch as I would have to go to Bursa Malaysia to send documents. I don’t really mind having to go to Bursa as I could take some time off to go t o JCO hahahahha. It really is wearisome not only to do things that you are not hired for but also doing simple repetitive tasks like photocopying or sending documents which is no brainy job. I had the guts to tell her the other day when she complained about how my ex bosses had given me good recommendations during the background check before the company hired me. She felt like my ex bosses had bluffed about my reputations and thus I was not as good as she expected me to be. I tried to let my frustration out with so much carefulness for I was scared that as a woman her delicate feelings could easily be hurt.

No matter how hard I tried not to make her mad, I was fighting a losing battle. When she asked me why she couldn’t bring out the best in me, I simply said to her that the tasks given were no brainy jobs and she was supposed to hire a junior clerk or a fresh graduate instead. But as I mentioned before that she is a manipulator, she answered by saying that I haven’t learnt the whole process in the department which really annoys me. How long do I have to do the photocopying and walking around sending the doecuments from 25th floor to the 40th floor? And with that I told her that I longer interested to work there and I shall end my 3 months contract and it would be best if she could find a replacement so that I could do a proper hand over. Till today, no replacement is found and perhaps they would have to wait for another 50 candidates to come for interview since there is one position as technical writer that has been vacant for months and HR managed to get 50 candidates but all of them had been rejected by her. Among her excuses were : the candidate is a psychopath, she looks damn weird and the girl doesn't know how to speak good english.

Kekure on What in the magazine

I finally got my copy of Off The Edge magazine after waiting for quite sometime. It’s the only magazine that I try hard not to miss lately. Well as we grow older of course our taste in reading materials will also change along with the elasticity of our skin and the fine lines that never fails to appear and the first grey hair that would scare the daylight out of you.

I know I hardly write anything decent or worth reading or a far cry from discussing a serious matter. But today I can’t help it but to write about the cover story of the magazine : Citizen Nurhaliza Is Siti the only impeccable role model left in Malaysian public life?

perfect, with no problems or bad parts:
impeccable taste/manners/credentials
His English is impeccable.

I mean, seriously. Is it true that she’s the only role model left? If it’s true then I truly feel sorry that on our 50th day or Merdeka we only have Siti to be hailed as our role model. I have nothing against her nor looking down on her for not being able to speak English like some of my friends suspect. But why does it have to be Siti? I have lots of other people that I believe could easily pass as impeccable role model. I wish someone could enlighten me on this matter.

I went to watch P Ramlee the musical with a few friends. Siti was acting in it as Azizah. Without having any expectations on the musical as I am still in love with Puteri Gunung Ledang which I believe left very big shoes to fill in, I waited for Siti. I wasn’t that impress by her acting though for some people her beautiful voice could make up for such a bad acting.

Melissa Saila completely blew my mind. Kudos to her for being so bitchy! It seemed like the critics had proven themselves wrong by saying that she is the weakest link in the musical. I guess I don’t need to mention who is the weakest of them all.

It is sad to think that we don’t have any impeccable role models left to be proud of.

Kekure in melancholic mode

November is here again and as usual I will always try not to look at the calendar. So many things happened in November in years that passed. At times I feel like the song entitled November Rain sung by G n R was actually written for me kwang3. Any how, it’s already 3 years since abah passed away and one of my bff’s wedding anniversaries. I supposed my bff (or perhaps former bff) celebrated the anniversary with a bang as he now has a new member in his family. Congratulations!

Shadow Of The Day - Linkin Park

I close both locks below the window
I close both blinds and turn away
Sometimes solutions aren't so simple
Sometimes good bye's the only away

And the sun will set for you
The sun will set for you
And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey
And the sun will set for you

In cards and flowers on your window
Your friends all plead for you to stay
Sometimes beginnings aren't so simple
Sometimes good bye's the only way

And the sun will set for you
The sun will set for you
And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey
And the sun will set for you
And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey
And the sun will set for you
And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey
And the sun will set for you

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Eka said... least ko dapat lepas dari hellish supervisor after contract end..aku nie, ader 1-2 consultant yg really piss me off big time...the only way aku slmt dari diorang is when either one of us quit the job...hampeh

Anonymous said...

siapa lagi teruk, bos dlm Devils wear Prada ke bos engkau..hey, dont wait to write the story of ur life abt ur bos ni, boleh buat duit.. hik hik hik