Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rambles, Shambles or both?

My Favorite Video from

I tried hard not to be idle at the moment. At least once a day I would go out to meet my friends. I rarely have the access to the internet now so suffice to say that I don’t really have a clue about things happening around the world let alone in our beloved country. You see, I don’t really watch the news or read the newspaper accept on Saturday when I buy The Star to have a look at the classifieds. But today I realize one thing, for each blog that I read, at least one movie review would be written by the blogger. So today, I decided to write a movie review as well.


I went to watch this movie alone so you know I could concentrate on the hunkies. Well, this movie has lots of actions and I don’t care much you see. What’s important to me is that I want to see Takeshi Kaneshiro with his shirt off but since it’s a period movie and the setting is during the winter so of course Takeshi Kaneshiro couldn’t take his shirt off and I think life is so focking unfair right or he might die of pneumonia. I like the poster very much you know. At first I thought Andy Lau is so hunky in this movie right but after a while I think Jet Li is hunkier. But all along I know Takeshi Kaneshiro is the hunkiest. I love you Takeshi Kanena. Muah! Muah!

The only woman in this movie is the girl that I don’t know about. Like I focking care whether she’s hot or not but thank god she could act. Well why should I bothered right? So long as I could see Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jet Li in one movie than I’ll be more than happy to spend my Friday night in GSC Berjaya Times Square to watch them in action. This movie is basically about brotherhood right. Jet Li lose his army in a war then he meets Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro who are bandits then they take him as their brother after he slashes off a man’s throat. I find it to be so sexy when Jet Li says: Remember my face. Have your revenge in the next life. Or something likes it. Jet Li is the highly ambitious among them three, Andy Lau is the one with the girl that Jet Li also loves and the girl loves them both but she loves Jet Li more but Andy Lau doesn’t know that because he’s busy robbing the army to get their food provisions and Takeshi Kaneshiro is the one who ever so loyal to the oath that he’s willing to do anything to sustain the brotherhood and seriously into the brotherhood and all. Then comes the girl, the wars and everything in between that make them grow apart and become enemy. Jet Li wants to win the war and ever the usual follow your nose type, Andy Lau wants to be the hero and Takeshi Kaneshiro totally rocks as Jet Li’s right man but still want to be brother with Andy Lau whom Jet Li thought wants to steal the limelight from him. There a lots of war scenes right and you can see some of the tactics used to be a bit over the top. Luckily at that time they couldn’t sue people or else the empress might have lost all her money for all the armies and their families might want to sue the empress for sending them to battle for years and have to starve for months because of the strategy is to surround the city until the other party surrender. Whatever! Like I care right?

What I like about the movie is its fast and I don’t feel bored right. It shows some focking gore actions and I totally love the war’s scene. But I shall give the movie 5 stars for it have the most close ups of Takeshi Kaneshiro. Yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! The narration is also done by Takeshi Kaneshiro. His voice is so manly right but I thank god for he has stops singing. At the end of the movie you will find that there is no black or white but only shade of grey.

updated 17/12/07 Promo for my BF Liew Seng Tat

His movie opens in GSC 20 Dec 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

Quick updates

This is a quick one as I'm using little miss sunshine's laptop who is now sleeping like a log at 3am.


To my partner in crime, Faye, who was the 1st one to wish me Happy Birthday through sms.Harap ko bahagia ngan Hide yek? :P

Big Tq to Aidah, Jaja and Aliya who had come out with the dinner plan on my birthday's eve. The cupcakes were so yummy, me like! The presents were nice but the cards were even nicer! xoxo to u girls!

To Hazera who invited me to come along to watch across the universe on my big day, I can tell u one thing, I didn't feel any regrets having to drive to fetch u up at 9am though I didn't sleep the whole nite because Across the Universe was definitely worth watching. Huggies to u!

Habri, tengkius for the Across The Universe Deluxe Edition CD...Mak suka okes!

Fadz, thanx a lot for the books..Will definitely try hard to finish asain :P

Last but not least, to little miss sunshine, bushy, oatte for the fucking crazy time at the karaoke and dinner..Next time aku nyanyi lagu kak Melah okes?

Special shout out to bushy who had party for me birthday..giler babeng best spaghetti ko..presentation aku kasi 11/10..tak sampai ati nak makan coz makanan cute2 belaka..


What would the projectionist do when he realize that the movie playing is uncensored? He shut the projection with his hand harhar har. Went to watch euro film fest with habri,hazera and oatte the other day. In the movie store planner one of the characters works as a hooker and she was washing the dildos while singing.I was enjoying the movie and my brain was applauding our censorship board for being a bit lenient towards this movie when the screen suddenly went blank.Oh my!Kudos to the projectionist who acted fast in order not to pollute the minds of 10+ patrons who watched the movie.