Friday, February 15, 2008

This is the life!

Aloha boys and girls

I have abandoned my blog since December and it is such a joy to find the time to write again.

For some reasons, I have been occupied with lots of things lately, both in my permanent and freelance work. At the moment it feels like everything works according to plan but we’ll see how it goes. It’s just February anyway so I suppose it’s better if I leave everything in god’s hand.

Already in my second week in the new position that I thought would be less stressful but actually not.The location is far from my place but quite convenient to get there. I have no boss (yeayyyyyyy!) and no colleagues, but supervised by a senior partner than I only see once a week if he wants to give me special instructions i.e translating 42 pages of affidavit in 4 hours. Ampeh betol! As punctuality is listed at the fourth paragraph in my offer letter, of course I feel nervous if I reach Bangsar LRT station at 8am.Second week in the company and I already got 1 red dot in my punch card. Bleurghhhhh!Yes, we have punch card here in the company as well as a tea lady who serves drinks twice a day. Once, she came over to my place and offered me coffee and I politely said no because I bought some juice and brought it to work. Guess what? In the afternoon she didn’t offer me anymore drink. Lesson learnt so every time she offers I just accept it hahahaha.

I briefly have contacts with people in my position now. But when I do something funny would happen. As some one very dear said to me I am Diva Dizaz (Disaster). Luckily this time it wasn’t me that was disastrous.

Legally blonde : Hi Kak..(Kak?Aiyoh keji tau ko nie)

Kekure : Hey there.

Legally blonde : I’m the pupil. My name is Miss XXXX

Kekure : I’m the translator. You can call me XXXX. Nice to meet you Miss XXXX

Legally blonde : Same here. Any ways are you busy now?

Kekure : Yeah. Got dateline in one hour. Senior partner wants this document in 1 hour.

Legally blonde : Oh, I got things to be translated too.

Kekure : Is it urgent? Can you wait? You can just leave the documents here and I’ll sort it out after I finish this one(at this point I was already irritated and feeling a bit cranky as the senior’s secretary kept bugging me every half an hour. Nak cepat ko buat sendiri la kan? Huhuhuhu)

Legally blonde : Maybe I can use the pc in next cubicle and I just ask you directly if I have any questions?

Kekure : Sure. I’m cool with that. (Apa-apa jek la labu..aku dah malas nak layan ko)

After 2 minutes

Legally blonde : Aka (you can tell what race is it with this word. Sorry, it might offend someone)

Kekure : Yeap. What’s the problem?

Legally blonde : The monitor is blank (please read in bimbo tone)

Kekure : Have you switched it on?

Legally blonde : Yes I did. Can you come over and see what seems to be the problem.

Kekure then reluctantly got up and walked to next cubicle to save legally blonde from doom.

Legally blonde : See, told you that the pc is not working.

Kekure : Yes it’s not working because you didn’t push the on button dear! (She just switched on the onitor but not the CPU for god sake!)

This one happened to my colleague that works in It dept.

Legally blonde : My computer got virus one. When I type only gibberish will come out. See?

(At this point legally blonde was demonstrating it to my colleague)

IT : Oh ok. Can you move aside so I can check it out?

Legally blonde : Sure. Have a seat. (got up and brought her book along)

IT : It’s ok now. You can use the laptop. No problem at all it seems.

Legally blonde : Eh, how come ah? Just now when I type type only gibberish what?

IT : Oh that one? Of course la kan? Because your book was on the keyboard so just now you have removed it kan? The book was pressuring the keyboard lah.

Legally blonde : Oh ya ka?

Untuk sahabat-sahabat yang masih bersamaku walaupun aku banyak menyusahkan

Nidji - Arti Sahabat

Tak mudah untuk kita hadapi
Perbedaan yang berarti
Tak mudah untuk kita lewati
Rintangan silih berganti

Kau masih berdiri
Kita masih di sini
Tunjukkan pada dunia
Arti sahabat

Kau teman sejati
Kita teman sejati
Hadapilan dunia
Genggam tanganku

Tak mudah untuk kita sadari
Saling mendengarkan hati
Tak mudah untuk kita pahami
Berbagi rasa di hati

Kau adalah..
Tempatku membagi kisahku
Kau sempurna
Jadi bagian hidupku
Apapun kekuranganmu

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hazera said...

:p you go Miss Dizaz~!

yelah yelah...from time to time..aku bloghop la ye..supaya x tertinggal updates, kenela pastikan updates..weks..ahahaha

Ted said...

Ko kena bagi kursus "Cara-cara guna PC" kat budak2 legally blonde ni masa their first day register la aku ingat.

Pape pun, saya tujukan lagi di bawah untukmu kekure, sebagai tanda kasihku padamu mueheheh.

Wahai temanku
Dan sahabatku
Terima kasih
Atas waktumu

Yang kau berikan
Selama ini
Rasa tulusmu
Dan rasa hormatmu

Kadang melebihi
Jalinan kasih
Dua manusia

Tak terhapus
Rasa cemburu
Yang memisahkan
Arti logika

Kau udara kehidupanku
Yang merasuki diriku

Tak melepas ikatan kita
Hanya teman
yang sejati takkan menghilang

Untukmu Teman, Gigi, 2003


fae said...

this is coming from the futures of our legal world?! what is the world coming to?!!...arrgghss!!!

Edd Vedder said...

dah lama tak ke sini.. just want to say hi.


kamal said...

geli jantung aku baca citer legally blonde ko