Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Akan bertumpahnya darah (tajuk takde kene mengene ngan cerita..cuma aku agak suka keganjilan bunyi ayat ini)

After a month working in a new position

  1. Realize that some times solicitors and advocates are stupid moron (o^O)
  2. Kiss the right senior partner’s ass and they’ll come to see you and offer you advice. Hence, bigger chances to get increment after 6 months probation
  3. Translator is not a machine translation. That’s why I couldn’t tell you that hatchet job is “selaran” within 5 seconds.
  4. Check the client that’s paying you for your part time translation work. You might end up doing translation for a casino and when you get the pay you feel doubt about the source and end up feeling stress. Well for me at least.%^*()_+

2 messages:

fae said...

oi grammar! hahaha!

Ted said...

tu lah, makan lagi duit buat keje untuk kasino, kan badan dah naik hehehehee