Monday, September 14, 2009

To the faithful departed

Salam abah,

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote to you. I was driving home alone at 4:44 am this morning and I suddenly felt the urge to write to you. Well, it’s the fifth year of Ramadhan without you and yeah I still miss your wake up call for sahur. I suppose you’re doing great on the other side. Maybe after all these years you’d already have a bunch of friends to hang out with down under. I hope you got to see nenek there. You know, she missed you much. Tell her that I say hi. Please tell her that I am sorry for not attending her funeral. I know it sounds selfish but I can’t help but thinking that she is as irrelevant as UMNO in my life. I am terribly sorry and I know you’d have disowned me should you still here but the least I could do is to recite Fatihah to her everyday.

I think Ramadhan 1430 would always be the most special and memorable ones. It’s not that I go to terawih every night, mind you. I won't try to make up some lame excuses but you know how I am. I could easily distracted by invitations for movie previews and what not. I'll try harder next year, Insya-Allah. I had to go through lots of things, learnt something along the way and I might have found some wisdom as well. Don’t you think that’d be enough reason to celebrate life?

I got good news that is worth sharing. Imah gave birth to a lovely daughter on your birthday last August. Swell, huh? I haven’t got around visiting her yet. Call me a crybaby but thinking about the birthday alone would bring tears to my eyes. You know that I always wanted to sleep through August but with the new addition to our family I don’t think I could escape it anymore. Mak is doing well, I think. You can ask more from Zura. Oh Zura is pregnant and expecting in November if I’m not mistaken. I don’t have wide knowledge on the latest buzz in our family. Ask me anything on the twilight saga instead. I can answer faster than Gaban could I tell you. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy caving in and don’t give much thought on stuff other than how to survive my miserable life.

Nothing much to tell you about the political scene except that your favourite party is jinxed with loses in seat by-election. Another one is coming in October, so far the score is 7-1. They don’t have much choice it seems, either revamp or take a hike. Football scene in Malaysia is quite boring, so I won’t touch on that issue. United sold C Ronaldo but it seems like it doesn’t affected their performance so far. Rendra passed away last August. I didn’t realized how sad it’d be until I read a piece written for him in Rolling Stones Indonesia. Well you know what they say, good people always die first. Should you cross his path, tell him that these are my favourite lines from Sajak seorang tua untuk isterinya:

Hidup tidaklah untuk mengeluh dan mengaduh

Hidup adalah untuk mengolah hidup
bekerja membalik tanah
memasuki rahasia langit dan samodra,
serta mencipta dan mengukir dunia.
Kita menyandang tugas,
kerna tugas adalah tugas.
Bukannya demi sorga atau neraka.
Tetapi demi kehormatan seorang manusia.

Ok Abah.Wish I could write more but I have to continue struggling for my survival. Have fun visiting around, hopefully you cover more grounds this Ramadhan. By the way, I won't be visiting your grave this year. No hurt feelings ya?


your ever miserable daughter