Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hapus Aku

Yakinkan aku tuhan

Saturday, October 10, 2009

This is not about me raising a rumpus

Yes! 6 months without a permanent job! What a record! Hey, at least I save you guys from having to read about how lazy I am with work, why the bitch at the office makes my life miserable and what not! Frankly, I don't miss writing up manuals and SOP's that much. Nobody is going to read manuals unless they got into mishaps with their laptop or couldn't fix the WBS though they have kicked it for the umpteenth time. Now, life is all about seizing the moment and yes unto thine own self be true. Praying hard for more good things to come and we all know too well how God works in mysterious way.

Perhaps I should recap what I have done for the last 6 months. Listing is not in any particular order.

  • Prepare online contents and I came to know about interesting places in Malaysia that I never know about before 
  • Book editing opportunity that let me have more experience explaining things in words of one syllable and lots of knowledge on Mak Yong too
  • Some articles published, nothing significant but still a good start and hopefully no one died of heart attacks or whatever while reading my piece
  • Done subtitles while terribly having to hold up my tears and praise to Allah for the strength given. Kak Min if you read this, I just want you to know that I miss having lunch with you. Lapchiuuu
I suppose Metric’s Gimme Sympathy fits well with this posting

Get hot, get too close to the flame
Wild, open space
Talk like an open book
Sign me up
Got no time to take a picture
I'll remember someday all the chances we took
We're so close to something better left unknown
We're so close to something better left unknown
I can feel it in my bones
Gimme sympathy
After all of this is gone
Who'd you rather be?
The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
Oh, seriously
You're gonna make mistakes, you're young
Come on, baby, play me something
Like, "Here Comes the Sun"
Come on, baby, play me something
Like, "Here Comes the Sun"
Don't go, stay with the all-unknown
Stay away from the hooks
All the chances we took