Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lu Apahal?The Story

Pic courtesy of Azrul Helmi

According to the photographer,Mr Azrul Helmi,he could stare at the pic for hours. It's such a lovely piece, don't you think? This picture actually has a special meaning behind it. To read the quotation that gives you a better understanding on the pic, please click at the link given.

It was rather strange. I had a terrible week, yet it was full of interesting things. I owe you guys an apology for not updating on what was the public humiliation is all about.

I happened to go over for a meet the fans session in Sungai Wang Plaza on the weekend with a good friend of mine. The session was held to promote this particular group’s joint ventures with the third party Telco to promote their SMS services.

In the session, it was compulsory for those who want to take pictures or get the autographs to either have the CD or subscribe to the SMS services. The thing is, my friend who brought along her CD had asked whether we could take some pictures with the group before we stepped inside to proceed with our plan. The guy who was in charge at the entrance said ok and only then we went inside. At this point, we already realized that most of the fans who were inside, snapping pictures like hell didn’t have either the cd or wearing the tag that indicated that they are the members of the SMS service. My friend, who is a true fan of this group, was so excited and I let her to pose with them while I would be the photographer. When it came to my turn, suddenly this man out of nowhere came over and scolded my friend.

Pakcik Boroi : This is unfair. You tak jadi ahli (sms service) tapi you ambil gambar. Orang lain yang jadi ahli baru boleh ambik gambar, you tak jadi ahli nak ambik gambar.

I was stunned, kept my cool and stepped back. Adoiii! Just imagine, everybody was just staring at us, including the group. But believe me that Pakcik Boroi had messed with the wrong person. Right after that, I was so full of anger. Let me list down the things that triggered my “amukan syaitan” on that very day:

No member, no picture
Hellooooooooooo, both Pakcik Boroi and I are not blind. The other 30 people inside the shop who were posing maut with that group were not wearing the tag. Even worst, most of them didn’t even bring in the CD. Duhhhhh!

Double Standard
Those sexy ladies were let into the shop to take pictures. Alahai Pakcik! The cemetery already calling up la. People could tell that you are as old as Masjid Negara.. No need to act cool. Please take note that wearing wristband doesn’t make you a hip-hop fan.

Poor management
Bad location + Bad management +Chaos = BAD IMAGE

Ehem!Ehem! So, as a victim of the public humiliation I went to complain to the groupie’s manager about the incident. Below are the extracts from the discussion:

Manager : Those people are corporate people.

Well, I come from the corporate world too. I worked in the entertainment industry before, but the behavior is unacceptable. There were lots in there that didn’t have the CD or member of the SMS services. It was unfair to scold us both only. Next time, please use common sense ye pakcik? Better check the fans at the entrance rather than scolding them when they were already inside.

2. Manager : We are bound to the contract.
I do understand the situation but don’t you have your rights to explain on the crowd and the way to handle them? Which one that scares you the most? Losing your fans that buy your albums no matter how many times you repackage them or the Telco who sponsors you for a yearly contract?

Note: This friend of mine is so fond of this group that she bought every album in CDS and cassettes too.

3. Manager : They (Telco) are new in the entertainment industry
This is not a very good reason I suppose. As a manager, the guy was supposed to advise the Telco on the location, the security and the regulations that needed to be imposed on that day. It’s a crying shame to see the lack of professionalism in the entertainment industry. I suppose that’s the main reason why our entertainment industry stays almost the same after 30 years since we don’t really understand what professionalism really is.


I have a new colleague, Miss Kaypo, who is seated in the other wing. She used to work there before and had a good understanding on the flows. The thing is I couldn’t stand her. Why? Because she keeps bugging me. e.g.:

Eh, why you have the document tracking system? Mine don’t have la.
** Adusss! Pepandai le nak bagi senang keje ko. Apsal le ko nie sangap sangat? Manage jek la department ko tu ikut cara ko. Lantak aku le aku nak manage dept aku camner pun**

Where’s Miss P? Let me know when she’s in.
** Then keep calling every 10 mins. Aku bukan secretary ko**

You tau ke? Tadi si %^*(_ tu cakap %&(_
**Nak buat mesyuarat tingkap pun tunggu le petang2 skit. Time aku kalut, time tu le ko nak gossip**

Eh, you busy ke? Nak I tolong ke?
**Department ko kan ada?Pehal la nak kaypo keje aku nie**

Note : ** aku cakap dalam hati**

She has all the energy to walk over to my place just to complain and gossips about other people. God! I have enough workload and I just don’t care about the office politics. I wish I had the magic wand to make her disappear.

I was supposed to do the database for stationary. Yes! You heard it right, developing database for stationary. I have not used my knowledge in programming for years. Out of the blue I had to juggle this project with 2 other projects together with the daily routines. Don’t blame me if I get cranky! LOL.

I thought I could at least delay the database for the stationary for another week because I have almost completed one of my projects. Alas, Miss Kaypo had ruined everything.

Miss Kaypo : How now? I already passed all the stationeries from my department to yours. Now I want to take some. You already done the inventory or not? What are you doing now? When to start? Difficult la like this. Can take the pen or not?

Miss P : Kekure, have you done the counting? The staff database done or not? When do you want to start counting the stationeries? Difficult la. Cannot order more you know. Over budget already. Have the database better. Can control them from taking so many pens.

Note : I used to have over 10 pens in my drawer. Now I have less than 3.Each time I asked the director to sign my documents when he walks by my place, he would take the pen with him afterwards. Lately, I hang out at others cubicles and end up taking their pens with me. muahahhahahaha.

Kekure : Take whatever you need. Just use the manual form first.

While saying this, I was already walking away from them and went straight to the pantry and helped myself with some cookies muahahhahahha. Came back after 10 minutes they were already gossiping about others.
Bored stiff!

Thank you so much to those who leave their comments in the comment box. Sorry if i don't leave mine in yours. Life is hectic and I don't have time to surf in the office. Usaha tangga kejayaan!

Sity : Have your baby learned to swim?

Syed : How's your new born baby?

Baby : Bleeding lagi ke? Hehehehe

Nana : Sudah la ko. Joned!i Lap u so strong!

Mute : Ko merajuk lagi ke?

Ida : Muacksssssssss!Miss u ever strongly!

Watie : Hawau u?Makan laksa ke?

Stoned : Amacam beb?Bila nak antar chocs kat aku?

Hazera : Tengok wayang free ajak le aku lagi

Nazrul : Lu apa cite beb?

Megat : Series!aku rindu jerome lebih dari aku rendo ko. Uwaaaaaaaaaaa!

Eka : Amacam keje beb?Bila nak belanja gaji pertama?

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Eka said... that my message?ehehehehe...

Ida said...


Muahss muahss muahss... miss you too..

P/S: Anywhere we go, we'll meet people like Pakcik Boroi, Ms Kaypoh, Ms P... and some other similiar species... and that is life.. what we can do is, don't be like them.. and if we feel that we need to share the experience publicly, just do it.. send a letter/article to the newspapers, forums etc.. put in all their names and other facts.. so that these people finally realized that what they had done could give them a very very bad big impact on their lives.. and that is the only way to teach them tons of lessons of life! ;)

Eka said...

dude..aku rindu nak makan spagethi kat klcc ler..nanti bila gaji aku ajak ko sama, my treat...boleh tgk wayang skali (harap2 jgnlah gaji masuk masa time puasa, melepas nak tgk wayang)...

take care well..jgn tension2..cheers...

Anonymous said...

no comment lah.. hehehe
*sambil berdoa "hilangkanlah amukan puaka si kekure ni"..wkakaka*

Watie said...

Aik..nama aku ke tu? apahal? Bila nak jumpa ko lagi ek! Jangan lupa belanja aku, beb!!