Wednesday, November 30, 2005

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The Lover Asks Forgiveness Because Of His Many Moods

IF this importunate heart trouble your peace
With words lighter than air,
Or hopes that in mere hoping flicker and cease;
Crumple the rose in your hair;
And cover your lips with odorous twilight and say,
'O Hearts of wind-blown flame!
O Winds, older than changing of night and day,
That murmuring and longing came
From marble cities loud with tabors of old
In dove-grey faery lands;
From battle-banners,
fold upon purple fold,
Queens wrought with glimmering hands;
That saw young Niamh hover with love-lorn face
Above the wandering tide;
And lingered in the hidden desolate place
Where the last Phoenix died,
And wrapped the flames above his holy head;
And still murmur and long:
O piteous Hearts, changing till change be dead
In a tumultuous song':
And cover the pale blossoms of your breast
With your dim heavy hair,
And trouble with a sigh for all things longing for rest
The odorous twilight there.

William Butler Yeats


I almost got myself into depression when mom forgot to wish me happy birthday. As I was having my birthday dinner, at last I got the sms from her wishing me happy birthday. Although it seemed like she was somewhat forgotten about my real age still I was the happiest camper around. LOL.Kojeh sms-ed her birthday wish today. For god sake, it was 5 days ago! Well at least she remembered.


The Five People You Meet in Heaven. What could I say? Live our life to the fullest! One needs to read the book in order to understand why do we meet five people in heaven. If I were the writer, I might as well make it 25 people instead of 5 because I know a lot of people and they are somehow have impacts on my life. The book shall be more than one thousand pages and could also be used as doorstopper and other things deemed suitable.

I am currently reading The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-Time. It’s hilarious and intelligent but full of empathy. I just bought ‘Tis (Frank McCourt) and Good Omens (Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett) for my reading while accompanying mom during her operation next week. I suppose I’d have a lot of time to kill and hopefully I could finish these 2 books without any distractions from the cute doctors around the hospital.LOL. Perhaps I’d try to memorize a few paragraph of Neruda’s poem from Ode to common things. Well, I never tried it before maybe I should give it a shot just for the fun of it!


I watched Harry Potter twice! I almost watch it for the 3rd time but I kept spending lots of time in the office and I have totally forgotten about my attempt to watch it for the 3rd time and set myself a new record. It was such a shame that Cedric Diggory had to die or I would have watched the movie for 2 weeks in a row!

Chicken Little was adorable. I do believe that there’d be quite a few people who would stop eating chicken for a couple of days after seeing the movie. KFC might have suffered a bit if their sales happened to drop for a few percents during the Chicken Little screenings around the world. I like all the songs in it but still I hope that the movie would have longer time duration. The idea of having Chicken Little to fall in love with the ugly duckling was quite cute but not convincing enough.LOL.

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syahrulfikri said...

kekure ko apa kabre?
lawa giler siot poster gubra...
mintak kan kak min poster eh untuk aku...
segan ar nak mintak hehe..

aku tahu ko rindu aku...

julsz said...

happy belated bday :)

Nana said...

oii..ampes tul ko.. 2 kali tgk harry potter?? apsal tak ajak aku ..huwaaaaaaa

Ida said...


I watched Harry Porter on last Friday, punya la syok tengok Cedric only to find that he died in the end... adehhh.... a bit potong-lah.. heheheheeheh.

Nana said...

yehhhh...kfc yehhhh