Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Things that should've been posted before

This posting was written during the MVA awards but I didn’t get to use the PC and my blog had some probs. I decided to post this up when I got a comment that I socialize too much and didn’t give my 110% during the important project. Duh!

Hey! It’s Saturday!

I finally got my weekends back, after spending my two weekends in the office. In order for me to celebrate, I decided to head to the National Art Gallery with Hazera and Jaja to attend the scriptwriting talk given by Da Boss, Yasmin Ahmad on a very sunny Saturday. It was a really exhilarating experience to learn more about the process of writing a script from Da Boss. But it was even more thrilling to see her sharing the enthusiasm with the participants.

Alas, my weariness has taken its toll. I fell asleep while watching the documentary about the making of Bajau Parang . If I were not tired, I believe that I would have watched the whole docu, so I should say that it was my loss then.

Since it was my first visit to the National Art Gallery, then I suppose I should write a bit about my experience there. The cafeteria’s ambience was good but the service given was horrendous. It was terribly slow and the waiter always got confused with the order. Duh! The directory too was somewhat confusing. On the directory it was shown that the National Art Gallery has its own surau. But when we asked about it, we were told to go to Istana Budaya instead. Perhaps, it’d be better if they could take out the surau’s sign from the directory to avoid any confusion.

All in all, it was a great day.

As promised, here’s a short note about hospital and why I never liked it

My mum and I arrived at the hospital quite early for her pre-surgery check-up. Armed with 3 books and a knapsack I stepped into the waiting area while mum went for her check-up. Lots of people were already there, either to have a regular check-up or to register for the surgery. After a few hours, mum and I were led to the ward.

It was really tense at first. I saw a 3-year-old child whose hand was broke and the doctor didn’t do anything until the training doctors came over so he could demonstrate the treatment. A lonely old woman who burnt 60% of her body who kept waiting for her sister to come over brought tears to my eyes. I wished I never had to see all these; alas I had to fulfill my responsibility towards my mum. Apart from the fact that I felt nauseous from the smell of the antiseptic, the sight of the suffering patients and the annoying nurses were some of the main reasons why I never liked the hospital. Not forget to mention the lack of cute doctors around the hospital must also be listed as th reason why I don't like the hospital hahaha!

I told mum that I wanted to go home for lunch and came back later on. But mum being mum, she didn’t let me to go anywhere. I was annoyed and decided to take a breather. I had the chance to walk around Taiping in the afternoon. I haven’t been there for a few years now. When I was little, I always spent my weekends and school holidays in Kampung Pinang with my godparents. Mum told me the other day that somebody told her that Ayah Lope had passed away not so long time ago. We didn’t keep in touch with them for years and I know that mum misses them too. I was such a great loss that I forgot to bring along a camera with me that day. There were many beautiful scenes and I never realized them before. Amongst the things that I realized the most is the hotel, which is called Hotel Paris that really reminded me of David and Nico.LOL.

There was a patient who supposed to have a surgery after mum. She was so scared that her daughters had to hold her hands all the time until the moment when she had to be pushed to operation theatre. It was funny and annoying at the same time when she couldn’t wait to ask my mum how the procedure was done as soon as she saw the nurses pushing my mum back into our room. Mum who was still numb just talking incoherently and that really freaked her out!

The best moment in the ward would be the visiting hour, which could give the same effect as the happy hour in bars and clubs or perhaps something even better; the mambo jambo in Zouk. The companionship brought by the visitors could soothe the weary souls even just for a few minutes. When both my sisters came over to visit they could tell that I was bored to death. Deep down I knew that they couldn’t thank God enough for giving the idea to the Chinese guy to invent the paper so that books could be printed out! I got to finish two books and started on a new one during my 3 days stay in the ward. At the end of the day it felt like a vacation instead but with some emotional holocaust!

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syahrulfikri said...

eh aku taknak citer kat TSC... aku ok hanya lepas accident tu sengal2 dan terus demam hehe, keta aku jek remuk depan tapi dah kuar bengkel... so how is your mum? ko pon kampong kat tepin jugak ke?

oh tgk gambar gubra last screening kat aku nye site :)

muteaudio said...

Kau nak jumpa doktor cute? Pergi Hosp. Bahagia Tg Rambutan. Gerenti ada.

Oreos said...

it's sad to see accident & emergency patients being unattended... quite an unpleasant sight and not something that should happen.