Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bintang Di Surga

I know you like an open book

I had a very long conversation with an old friend that I’ve known for almost 10 years now. He said that I haven’t changed much since our last meeting about a year ago. As always, I want him to listen to my silly ideas on how the world should be run and how simple life could be from my point of view. His remarks about me having too idealistic ideas made me realized how do I with such a complicated thinking could live such a simple life. Actually I don’t ask for much from anyone but lately people been asking too much from me. And me being me, I would never say no to anything. Sooner or later I might don’t even have the energy to lift up my finger!

Another merde in a not so different bucket

I stumbled into the hr consultant the other day and she started to ask what my job scope is. I answered without much interest knowing that I would end up being in the merde. Then I came to learn that hr only agreed to give me one-month contract, which really contradict to what my boss told me. From hr point of view it seems like the budget should be adhere nonetheless so my boss would have to choose between me and the other senior in a month time.

The thing is, I am not here to compete for a permanent position especially if it’s going to risk somebody else’s job. But should I be held responsible if she losses her job if I have proven that I could do a better job thus make me deserves this job more than she does?

Such dilemma added up with some flu and coughs make me pray everyday that I won’t die soon.

Mari Makan Lengkong bersama King Kong

I went over to watch King Kong in IMAX with Hazera, Habri, David and Nico last Tuesday. It was quite exciting to think whether it’d be possible to see the King Kong’s nose up close when I watch it on IMAX. After 3 disturbing hours, I was never so glad when the movie finished.

My advice would be: please stick to the original King Kong if you are the type of moviegoer who wants to feel some emotions from a movie. But please hail King Kong by Peter Jackson if you love seeing King Kong fights the gruesome T-Rex. There is a scene which has a shot of Adrien Brody taken from this certain angle that makes him look so fragile and you’d begin to wonder why would he wants to be in this kind of movie. One thing for sure: I just love all the shoes worn by Ann Darrow in this movie LOL.

Finding my refuge in poetry

For the past few days I have been finding my refuge in poetry, either by the Sufi masters or just some ordinary poets. I came across this poem by Hafiz when I felt so much despair in my life and I want to share it with you guys here.

Out of this mess

To be humble
So that God does not
Have to appear to be so stingy.

O pray to be honest,
And pure,

So that the Beloved is never miscast
As a cruel great miser.

I know you have a hundred complex cases
Against God in court,

But never mind, wayfarer,
Let’s just get out of this mess

And pray to be loving and humble
So that the Friend will be forced to reveal

Himself so Near!

Hafiz – Taken from The Gift Poems by Hafiz The Great Sufi Master

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hafiz's rock! ko pos je lah kt aku. ahahaha

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