Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Such is LIFE!

The streamyx connection in my house area is useless and the service is having a major problem for a week now. Maybe I should send TMNET a complain letter and ask for a discount rate since I couldn’t use the service for the time being.

After living like a walking time bomb waiting to explode for a week, I now feel much better. Though I do hope that a few people that have contributed to making me feel so pissed off last week wouldn’t even get near me. But it was such a ridiculous thought since one of them is now seated in the room next to my cubicle. Darn!

As I am now counting the days before my contract ends, I feel much happier and relieved. The best thing is that I have more time to blog in the office. It’s not that I don’t have anything to do but I keep thinking, why should I be doing all the works when I can just past it to my replacement. LOL.

Knowing that I’ll no more working here brings such an ultimate joy, which could only be understood by those who have sent in their resignation letter. Below are the guides to spot those that have tendered their resignation letter.

1) Radiant skin due to 8 hour sleep daily since they don’t have to worry much about datelines etc
2) Obvious changes in behavior. The person who always so mundane and comes to work early would suddenly become a chatty person and come to work at 10 am and goes home at 6pm.
3) Always not at their desk since they are busy spending some quality time with their friends in other cubicles.
4) Long breaks, usually stretches for more than 2 hours for lunch and additional tea break at 4pm – 5pm on top of 2 hours of lunch breaks.
5) Clean desk (mine is still messy but it’ll be shiny and spotless, soon!)

On the other note, I would kill a few people from the office soon if they don’t stop asking me whether I have landed myself a new job!

6 messages:

Anonymous said...

hola~ keep the tough goin' on bebeh~

Anonymous said...

alos... wassap bebeh... senyap je sini?

Anonymous said...

That explain.... I will not ask if you have a new job, but i wonder if you do. Anyway So long....

Anonymous said...

update la wei

Anonymous said...

so no more blogging? Kekure is cooked? No more long funny posts? Grumpf. Talk to you later then !

Anonymous said...

*menunggu kekure mengapdet again*