Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I shall apologies to those who keep refreshing my blog for the past few weeks to see whether I have updated my blog. Thanks to TMNET technicians who took about a month to settle the line problem, I now could blog again at 7am onwards since my geeky housemate have to download amazing race 9 every night. Sheesh!

One thing that I really sure that I couldn’t do in my life as a human or 7 lives if I happened to be cursed to be a cat is to play politics. The politics in the office is really devastating at the moment that I myself can’t understand the situation that I’m in. At first the management decided not to continue with my contract, then when I got another opportunity they finally made up their mind. They played silly buggers, which made me stressed the whole week! Anyhow, until today I am not certain what really is happening. It sort of like being in a sick cycle carousel and you are on the verge of throwing up but you can’t because you are afraid of heights and you can’t move your body at all and you had to stop yourself from thinking about throwing up by thinking about how good it is to have a cup of hot chocolate instead.

As a consequence of this post-traumatic stress disorder from the not so encouraging situation, I ended up making some terrible in-jokes with the intention of pulling someone legs. But for now I think I wouldn’t touch something with a ten-foot pole. I suppose I need to study the Monty Python before I start making jokes again.

I would be in a black mood every time I heard the song by Ne-Yo - So Sick. God I am so sick of your song! Somebody please kill the song!

A little promo for Fadz

Get his first book, a sci- fi Malay book to exact, which has been published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka that entitled Jian. He wrote the book when he was 17 but what a grand idea that he had at that time of his life. So grab one yourself at RM10 only. Support local publications!

3 messages:

hazera said...

ahahaha. ok! siap promote lg~

Eka said...

oitsss..idup lagi ko?hehehehehe...so, aper citer?ko email resume kat kwn aku tu tak?dier ader call ko?

fadz said...

ohooo...thankssss...walau banyak typo tu..jadi ya rabu ni..