Monday, September 25, 2006

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

The faces that always make me want to go home.

The fasting month started quite well for me. As my creepy housemate went back to her hometown, I had the house for myself. Man, it was not easy to go through the first day of Ramadhan. As early as 2pm I could smelt the cooking from the neighbours. Sheesh! It reminded me of my parents when it came to the first day of Ramadhan, they both would always plan ahead on the menu days before the Ramadhan started. It was always fun in the house, especially when Abah volunteered to cook. He’d always argued with Mak about the ingredients and all while the three of us just sit back and relax, waiting for the neighbours to come over to exchange some of the cuisine.

These 2 pictures are the view from my new cubicle. The annoying guy in my previous posting had moved over to the new office. So, I took over his place. I thought I could get some peace here but obviously not.Too many people crammed into my cubicle this morning and this one particular guy would kept insisting on using my deskphone while he could use his mobile had really got my nerves.Man,it's only the second day of Ramadhan but I got a hunch that it's not going to be easy hahahahaha...

This picture was taken about a month ago in Bukit Genting,Penang. I had a lovely dinner with my fave someone. The food was great and the scenery was really breath taking.

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