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How’s life treating you?

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. I suppose that I’m on the verge of burning out. I have worked in the project for 3 months and I’ve been in the company for 1 year now. Shessh! How time flies.
Good News
Got a new position which is permanent. Man, I have changed my job 3 times in 9 months! Should have started this week but since the current boss is reluctant to let me go to the new department in such a short notice, I could only move in the first week of October.Sheesh!

I got a lot of new people who joined in my current department but none of them would be interesting enough to hang out with, not that I’m that interesting though haha. One of them said to me today, I suppose you should start smoking. It’d not only keep your body in shape but the most important thing is you could release your tension. Yeah right! Well, I reckon that I wouldn’t need to waste my money on cigarettes since I am an official second hand smoker. Perhaps, I should form a club for the active second hand smokers so that we could share some tips on how to lose the smell of smokes from your shirts etc.

I kind of oppose the idea of putting me in the adjacent cubicle with my boss’s secretary. It is tad boring not only because the boss would always come to see her but also because in the next cubicle is the planner who has a very negative aura. He would always complain on anything and everything and the good news is he’s a perfectionist. The other day I had to prepare the slides for my boss and as usual I put on some ‘cosmetics’ on my graphs and the figures so that it’d look smashing. What happened was that he called me up at 9pm while I was doing my grocery and said that all the figures were wrong and he wanted to change them. For god sake, I already mentioned in my email that the slides had too much make-up on, which was exactly like tepung gomak or at least a bit like Chinese opera in some ways. I was not certain which part of the sentence that he couldn’t understand. He insisted on changing them though the meeting was scheduled on the very next afternoon and it ended up that he didn’t have much time to finish them all. And yes! The boss was really pissed off. Good for him.

Lunch break could be a mind-numbing activity lately as I have a new companion who loves to talk about nothing else but work and fish. It’d either be about my-job-is-worse-than-you-and-you-wouldn’t-understand-how-shitty-my-job-is-since-no-matter-how-bad-thing-is-for-you-mine-would-still-be-the-worst or I-have-the-most-fish-compared to others.

Written by Shahredza Minhat directed by David Lim performed by Soefira Jaafar
In Gadis Jalan Burmah, Kartini Shuib, an unmarried Malay woman, who's about to "celebrate" her 42nd birthday, tells us about her attempts in trying to find her Mr. Right.
(Performance will be in English and Malay)
Stor Teater DBP, Bangunan Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka
12 Sept (Preview ), 13-16, 18-23 Sept @8.30pm
17 Sept (Sunday ) 3pm only
Admission by donation:
RM22 ( Adults), RM17 (Students ), RM15 (Preview night only )
For info and reservation, please contact 016.2022.057
The world keeps telling her that she is running out of time. However, 42-year-old Kartini Shuib thinks otherwise.

So on her birthday, while trying to bake her own birthday cake, she contemplates whether or not to go out with Kassim Rahman, an insurance salesman, as suggested by her mother. But then, memories of a Chinese pilot, a Doktor Haiwan from UPM, an American expat and her Mak Long Piah among others return to haunt her. What does it all mean? Or does it mean nothing, and that the world is actually right – that she is running out of time?

Performed with a delightful mix of colloquial English and BM, this one woman comedy marks the second "English" play written by Shahredza Minhat, the first being the critically acclaimed "Toast!", which the Malay Mail described as "one of those rare gems that seemingly come out of nowhere".
Semua orang cakap Kartini Shuib dah 'takdak' time! Tapi Kartini Shuib, tak pernah peduli pun.
Sampailah ke harijadinya yang ke - 42, beliau telah didesak oleh ibunya untuk keluar berpacaran dengan Kassim Rahman, seorang jurujual insurans. Fikirannya mula bercelaru, apa lagi, beliau terus dengan gigih cuba membuat kek harijadi 'special' untuk menenangkan jiwanya. Namun, benaknya yang serabut itu kemudian didatangi memori-memori lama, seorang juruterbang berbangsa Cina, seorang doktor haiwan lulusan UPM, seorang ekspatriat dari Amerika, Mak Long Piah dan geng antara lain, yang kesemuanya kembali menghantui. Siapa hantui siapa sebenarnya? Apa maksud kedatangan mereka? Atau sememangnya semua tidak membawa sebarang maksud.
Atau mungkin betul apa semua orang cakap - memang Kartini Shuib sudah 'takdak' time!
Gadis Jalan Burmah – sebuah monolog yang pastinya mencuit hati. Dipersembahkan dalam Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Melayu.
For more info:

Review will be posted soon!

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Glad to see that you are still operationnal and that you just keep on trash your collegues! Keep it up babe!

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we should get new companion who will talk about anything but not work laaa...pleaseee

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