Thursday, July 19, 2007

Epigram? No?

This isn’t just an epigram - life is much more successfully looked at from a single window, after all.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Great Gatsby

I was walking down the street on a Tuesday afternoon the other day to find something to munch. It was a hot day I must say. Before I continue i would like to thank the Brits for colonizing Malaya thus leaving behind a very much appraised legacy: minum teh di waktu petang. The most celebrated time of the day for those who work in the government. But I hope with the increment that they had recently, they’d have no more time to have a very long tea break as last I heard Pak Lah had asked them to increase their productivity as well.

During my quest for the crunchy keropok lekor, suddenly I heard a cry of joy from a bunch people from the other side of the road. A few people were gathering around a man in a car. I finally knew why when a man with so much gusto in his voice was congratulating the man in the car for he had won a 10k lucky draw.

For a moment, I wished I was the man who had been dubbed as a lucky draw winner though it was a rip off for I miss something that we call hope, dearly.

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ajami said...

Salaam dear..

tompang lalu.. aku terbaca kat majalah KLue psl website/contest nih!... dateline 24july!... cepattt!

p/s.. ker kau dah antar?