Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sell out - What to sell?

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I suppose most of us wouldn’t know who or where the hell Yeo Joon Han (Director of Sell Out) comes from. The name Joon Han may sounds like he’s a Korean but lucky for us he is our fellow Malaysian. His first feature film Sell out has won numerous awards in competitions abroad and its finally going to be screened in our beloved country on 7th of May. Hoorayyyyy, Malaysia Boleh! (I just hate the fact where indie movies could only be watched on big screens in our shore after they won some awards overseas).

There are many scenes where most of us could relate to, from bosses who love to express their disapproval right to your face, to having co-worker that you would love to hate no matter what. Kee Thuan Chye and Lim Teik Leong excel in their characters as the bosses from hell who wouldn’t appreciate originality and hard work shown by Eric Tan (Peter Davies) who invented soyamaker that could last long.What matters the most to them is money and the only staff that they are kind to is the one who climbs the corporate ladder horizontally.

Jerrica Lai as Rafflesia Pong is superb in her character as a Tv show host with lousy rating. You can’t help but to approve of her bickering with her co-worker, Hannah. I love the satire in this movie especially in the scene where Rafflesia Pong questions one of her subjects “What do you think of our government?” The crowd tonight responded to this scene with round of applause! Hopefully none of us would end up in Kamunting anytime soon.

Not only this movie going to make you laugh all the way, but there is a song for you to sing along too! For all the karaoke lovers out there, you would be glad to know that there is one karaoke version song that is surely makes you want to grab a mic. There are about 5 songs in the movies and one of it is catchy enough for me to remember. I don’t know the title of the song that sound rather popish but it is in the scene when Eric’s imaginary self (Well, he’s not only a handsome Eurasian but he also has pragmatic and creative self. Don’t we all wish that we have that too?) stumbles into Rafflesia at the clinic and he sings his heart out while Rafflesia rejects him (I just couldn’t imagine how Rafflesia could ever rejects a man like Eric though, Eurasian samor! Wasted la haiyoh!)

It is a movie with lots of issues that revolve in our country, from filmmakers to office politics; I believe that there must be more than one issue that you are familiar with. Whether you are struggling to stand for you what you believe in or trying like mad to save your career, well this movie has it all.Apart from the fact that it would help if you understand Chinese a bit so you understand why your fellow Malaysian laugh their heart out when it come to names like Rafflesia (largest flower in the world, which reeks of animal carcass) Pong (stink), I believe you could still catch the drift. Bear in mind to keep the logic aside and you shall enjoy this movie. In the end it all sums up to this : such is life!

It will be interesting to see whether Malaysian’s moviegoers are ready for a Malaysian film fill with satire and capable to read between the lines. Perhaps some would dub this movie as black humour but whatever label you put on it, this movie will surely breathe new life to our mind-numbing movie industry which full of mat rempit and bohsia themed movies as of late.

A hyperbole as I am wouldn’t lightly say something. So I when I say that this is the film (spoof ala Malaysia) to watch in May, well, it means that this is the movie to watch. Kill for the tickets if you must.

Big thanks to Ajami Hashim for the invites!
p/s : the soyamaker in this movie really is interesting..10-in-1 samor..but damn expensive

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Bentoh said...

I just couldn’t imagine how Rafflesia could ever rejects a man like Eric though, Eurasian samor! Wasted la haiyoh!

Because she hates all the pan asian people lah... :P

saat omar said...

Wah kajunya up date hehe...ni mesti tak tidor malam ni perah otak apa nak tulis ek? haha...

saat omar said...

bukan kaju ok..laju* lol typo

fadz said...


zubin said...

very interesting your review! Kool

ted said...

ok sgt rugi ai miss ini preview!!!!!! must catch it when it comes out then.

kekure said...

it is supposed to be my attempt on being funny..but i guess it falls flat :)

aku paham keterujaan ko nak komen sampai typo hahaha..it was great to see you again!

bukak la kelab filem kat sana dan invite kitaorg jadi tukang rasmi hahaha

terima kasih kerana terus memberikan kata-kata semangat untuk iols buat review..iols terharu tau..Undilah Dr Zul!

nanti kita buat rombongan cik kiah gi tengok Sell out okes?