Monday, May 11, 2009

Nothing but movies

An old friend said to me long before: Those who watch the same movie over and over again are forgivers. To be honest, the concept of forgive and forget is as perplexing as the idea of saving time at government’s function by having emcees simplify the title of minister who attends the ceremony. I wonder what times are we suppose to save here? Malaysian time or GMT time?

Wolverine (A man on high protein diet with claws, groovy hairstyle , cool bike and nothing more)

I have seen Wolverine for three times since the first day of screening and mind you there’s nothing much to be applauded in this movie. Storyline is predictable and nothing new with the CGI .The reason why I watched this movie three times is not because I have started to embrace the concept of to err is human, but I just simply want to watch the two endings: Deadpool coming out of rubble and Wolverine at a cafĂ© in Japan. I believe that the projectionists at the cinemas that I went to feel like it such a waste of time to play the movie until end of credits so that people could watch the real ending. Either that or he has a brain with the size of peanut. Darn! RM 30 spent and neither ending seen! Nada! Zero!
Perhaps I should ask for refund or apply for projectionist position but after seeing the movie Coming Soon I think the idea is no longer appealing though. Another option left is to *cough* download the dvdrip from *cough* pirate bay.

Coming Soon (Creepy but not creepy enough to stop me from going to cinema)

I first saw the trailer when I went to watch Talentime (An original local film but didn’t last long at cinemas. It is such a loss for those who didn’t watch this great movie). It was totally disturbing and I thought that I should stop visiting cinemas for quite some time after watching it. The story is about a cinema projectionist who involves in piracy because he needs money. It turns out that the movie which he supposes to copy and give out to lanun cetak rompak is haunted and all the hauntings start right after his partner crime is kidnapped by the ghost and ends up being in the movie. The movie started of well but the ending was a bit frustrating. Still, the ghost was quite original and managed to make some people screamed, a few scenes made people jumped off their seats but not good enough to stop you from going to cinema.

Jangan Tegur (Instead of Jangan Tegur, it should have been called Jangan Tengok)

In the spirit of supporting Malaysia’s film industry, I went to watch this movie with a group of friends. Tickets were sponsored by a friend who loves the poster so much that we were forced to watch this movie. (The word forced is used because as a democrat I suggested another movie and a few people had voted on my choice but since my friend was buying the tickets then he vetoed that we watched this dreadful movie).

The very idea to make such a movie is preposterous and yet it’s a free country. If you have the money then you can do whatever movie you like. But to make people feel like they had been conned to watch the movie by manipulation of a trailer that looks promising, well that reason alone would be enough to condemn you to hell. At least that’s my sentiment towards this movie. Oh, don’t waste your money on another local movie that will be shown in cinemas in a few weeks time. It’s just another film with the idea copied from a film produced in a neighboring country.

It is a movie that has straightforward and banal story line which is actually a combo of Asian horror movies with a couple of scarecrows as the main acts and few talented actresses as supporting acts. I suppose the producers felt like the talented actresses couldn’t sell the movies thus the pretty matchstick couple was hired to ensure that movie could at least collect RM 1 million. A scene supposedly copied from exorcist went bad and ended up being labeled as pornographic instead of terrifying. This movie deserves thumbs up for make up and the idea of having blue ghost instead of pale ones. Please don’t waste your money buying the DVD, I bet it’d be on telly for hari raya.

Sell Out (Well, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to watch a handsome BBE on big screen over and over again? Seriously, support local movies with original ideas, just like you support KFC with original recipes)

Here is another movie that I watched for more than once. First time was at the premier but this time around it was even better: watching with my girlfriends! Since I was responsible to choose what movie to watch this time, it was daunting to think whether they’d love the movie as much as I do. All of a sudden I felt dizzy and nauseas. The thought of them go berserk after watching a lousy movie crosses my mind and it made me feel even worst. As soon as I heard the laugh coming from my girlfriends, it felt as if I had given Malaysian film industry another day to live. Literally. Another good movie made by Malaysian for Malaysian. No need to think why it’s called Malaysian movie though no Malay or Indian as the main cast. We are one Malaysialah! Just take your friends to the movie, sing along to songs in it and help to ensure that this movie showing in cinemas until the end of Wajib Tayang. Still can’t get enough of the songs after watching the movie? Buy the cd at your nearest music shop but please fight the demon in you who keeps whispering that you ought to share the songs on internet. Respect our fellow Malaysian who strives to produce their original ideas and have a pity on the hardships that they have to endure.

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saat omar said...

Pi lah tengok SERAPHINE...

Nazim Masnawi said...

Coming Soon has one of the most overreacted ghosts in the history of cinema. I can truly empathize with Sadako's need for revenge on humankind in Ringu, but here, it's just plain dumbfounding.

Scary-looking old hag though, albeit a bit inconsistencies with her superpower. One minute she can be everywhere, the next she is chasing our hero with a goddamn knife.

fadz said...

coming soon mmg tak sehebat mana.. sell out akan ditonton pada sabtu, serta star trek dan angels & demons kalau sempat..

kekure said...

Seraphine tu aku bakal dload jeh nanti..tapi aku cadangkan ko tengok Le Diner Le Cons..lawak giles..tapi aku rasa sure ko dah tengok kot?heheh

You should have seen the audience's reaction that nite..They screamed the loudest whenever Sadako appeared..

Tamak ko yek semua movies ko nak tengok!