Thursday, June 30, 2005

Consider This

Make every day a special one
For younger you'll not be
Find joy in all the little things
And let your soul be free

Don't yearn for things you cannot have,
For that will spoil life's fun
If you can do this simple thing,
You'll be the lucky one.

For money cannot promise joy
But good health and love do
If you will just consider this
Then joy, will come to you.

Joseph M. Byron

Jump for Joy

Yesterday was one of the days when I had mixed up feelings. It started on well I suppose. I had lunch with some friends from TSC’s. It was really exhilarating, with all the conversations about films and a healthy dose of jokes from Da Boss’s old pal who came to visit her from Japan. The good thing was, I was able to sleep on my worries about my assessment for a while. Who needs to worry about the stupid assessment when one is on top of the world? Thanks to those in the picture for the great lunch, the great jokes and the laughter that we shared.

Do you still remember how your class looks like on the verge of having exams? Well, times that to 100 and you will get the picture on how my other colleagues looked like yesterday. They had their discussions and kept exchanging notes. It came to the point of being annoying when one of the Team Leader that I shall name as Giant, kept going around to check on how everybody was doing. I was not in the mood to revise let alone discussing all the topics with the Giant checking on your knowledge level as if we were about to go for the spelling bee selection.

While we were having a chat after dinner break, Giant again was trying hard to break into my clicks conversation. It was maddening to see him boasting about his past experiences. I was not in the mood to have him as part of our conversation and I pointed out his grammatical errors to provoke his feelings. I was hoping that he would find me irritating and left us alone. He then gave me a dirty look and started on his speech on how good his grammar is compared to mine. If he is so good why couldn’t he differ between past and present tense? Bluweeeeekkkkk. Congratulations Giant, you are now in my top 10 lists of the person that I need to avoid in order to keep my happiness and sanity.

Something to look forward to

Can’t wait to go back home to hang out with my nephews and nieces. We have so many things to catch up.

My fave someone

I can’t bear to hear him coughing endlessly. Get well soon!

It’s a beautiful day

The sun is shining brightly. But still I can’t convince myself that it’s going to be a beautiful day to work especially after I saw the ads on Akademi Fantasia LOL

4 messages:

Nana said...

ko pijak jek kaki giant tu..nyeboks..muahahaha

J-Teoh said...


BWAHAHA! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The thought of them drives me crazy. I'm preparing for the big one, the STPM ...

Next year.


Good luck in yours! :)

maggot said...

Hey gorgeous,

Pls be informed that you're linked to my reactivated blog

Putting "Full Name" in handphone entries is my way of remembering who my friends are, linking you is one way to keep updated with your whatabouts. ;)


kekure said...

aku kian gumbira coz Giant da masuk team lain..yeah!yeah!
Good luck with urs too..Study smart,no need to work hard ;)
Thanx for the link.Takes keh!