Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I always hurt ur feeling?

DID I HURT UR FEELING? Posted by Hello

My love is lost..............

There is a pain in my heart that brings tears in my eyes
I am sad because my love hurts me
My love, like a sky without clouds, like a river without fishes and like an ocean without waves
I am sad because my love left me alone
The stars are in the sky are not glittering
The moon in the sky is not sailing
The cool breeze is not touching me
I am sad because my love don't care for me
The truth always become lie
The love always become trouble
The understanding always become fail
I am sad because my love don't trust me
The thoughts in my mind become waste
The dreams in my heart cannot be fulfilled
The life in the world brings me an emptiness
I am sad because my love need me no more
Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka
i am sorry if ever hurt ur feelings..though at times u did hurt mine..but i didn't even bother..have i crossed the line this time?

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