Thursday, June 09, 2005

I am so twisted! Posted by Hello
How are you doing? Well, you know same- o same-o. Still the same old ugly, jobless and broke me.

Big thanks to those who care and asked about my disappearing for the past week. I’m fine; still breathing the fresh air, still having proper meals so far and as usual, hook to the PC day and night.

Disappearing act!

I didn’t get to be the bridesmaid. Was I sad? Nope. LOL. I went early with Kojeh and Gebob and brought along my nephews and nieces. After the early lunch, the three of us had to help out. And this was where all the fun began.

It was a very hot and humid day. All the neighbours and apparently the whole people who live in my hometown were invited. It was very busy and I was so bored since everybody kept teasing Kojeh and I who happened to wear an identical baju kurung. Grrrrrrrrr! So we told them that we decided to have our own uniform since we were not provided with uniforms like all the makcik’s bentara. In your face makcik! LOL

I got bored and I told mom that I wanted to go home to take a shower and she was ok with it. But then after 2hours I still didn’t showed up and she came back to have a
Spot-check on me. Surprisingly, she found me on my bed taking a nap with my nephews and nieces. Kojeh and Gebob were so mad since they had to help out the whole day and got tired answering to people on why I wasn’t there. Well sorry sisters
. It served you both right after what was said and done.

Another silver lining!

I had a remarkable day today. Not only I got to hang out with both of my fave people in the whole wide world, but also because of this message that made my day which was left on my blog:

Hi there, this is Adhitya, the writer of novel Jomblo. Thank your for your visit to my blog. Uhm, regarding your request for 2nd book, I have a copy that I can give to you but I will need your mailing address. My email is cheers!ps: Im in africa. ill send it via dhl

I almost jumped out of the window. I can’t believe my luck! Well Mr Adithya, thank you so much. No words can describe my gratitude towards your kindness.
Come to think of it, mom would freak out when she gets the parcel. She might think that I’ve a boyfriend in Africa. It must be funny to pretend as if it’s true. I’ve to stop talking about this or I’d start to shed some happy tears.

You are a boring, lifeless creature!

I had an interesting conversation tonight. It was about the reality TV shows, which have been aired on both paid and commercial stations. This particular person, showed a strong disagreement with my statement on why people want to watch the stupid reality shows.
IMHO, people who watch the reality TV shows are those who always want to live the life of the participants. Just imagine yourself living your everyday life. You wake up at 6am, get ready to work, get to work, arrive at the office and do your work 9-5 which bore the pants of you, while deep in your heart you always wanted to become something else. So when you see the reality TV shows, you get to feel the excitement of the participants in their journey to become a successful singer. You drift into their world whenever you watch the show and lost in your emotions along the way. As a result, we can see or hear lots of people voicing out their frustrations or gladness whenever their favorite participants are kick out or stay in the show. Thus, I could say that those people who watch such shows are merely those who live in fantasy. Do you really think that your vote through the sms really counts? Do you think that every penny that you paid for the sms really worth it? Do I need to elaborate more? Well I suppose I will save all the thinking to you guys out there.

My statement had been fully supported by the other person, which I shall name his as F, who also dislikes the reality shows. Upon hearing our arguments this particular person had made a statement that we both are boring and lifeless creatures, unlike him who hangs out with lots of people and do lots of other interesting activities. It was not so surprising to hear that from him and I was not mad either since I know that both F and I were in the winning side. Cheers!

My fave companion

Saw him for two last two days. We had lots of discussions. Some were tad serious but most of them were silly jokes. We kept doing post mortems on why I still can’t get a job and such. But as usual we ended up having different point of views.
We only agreed on one thing; I sound funny when I curse. He said that I sound like a kid who just learned how to do so. E.g.:

Kid A : Your mom is a whore. Your dad f^&*s her everyday

Kid B : You!You bad. Your underwear smells!

Guess which one is me?

Drama Queen!

Mom had turned herself into a drama queen. The other day she threw her tantrum and cried at the front door when I refused to apply for a job as a nurse. She even folded the shirts while sobbing for hours! Gosh! What had she become? Emi said that I’d better be a midwife rather than a nurse. I told him that all the patients might drop dead almost immediately when I am anywhere in sight!

Be as happy as a sandboy

So far, I am fine.Period!

6 messages:

Anonymous said...

Nurse??? okey pe beb...nnt org leh panggey ko missi kekure..akkaka

kekure said...

misi?oh tidak!aku lg rela jadi mak bidan..kwang3

Isziewa Fashida Nuwara said...

Kwang-kwang-kwang. Jadi mak bidan lah pulak. Ok what. Kalau aku dah kawin and nak beranak nanti, aku panggil ko. Leh kasik diskaun tak?

kekure said...

watie,kalu aku jadik mak bidan aku sure charge ko triple..hahaha

sheSays said...

but mak bidan and nurse...they are the same. arent they? answer dat question..Kid B must be

kekure said...

Mak bidan is a midwife
Nurse is a Nurse

The differences lie in the spelling and the job scope :)