Monday, August 01, 2005

Too much love wasted

Hot and sunny Monday morning

It is 9.15am.I woke up early this morning. Fried some chicks, went into the room to choose what shirt to wear to work and voila, my chicks got burnt. An exciting kick-start to my day!

I’ve been spending the last 3 days listening to a couple of broken hearts. Both are my good friends and now they embarked on a journey to separate destinations.

The girl is still coping with the breakup. She got too comfy with him being around. Now, she is lost without him.

The boy? He found someone new and he puzzles me. A lot.
I am actually torn in between. I can’t justify myself.

What am I to do? Nothing. I am too numb to think about it.

2 messages:

devilwitattitude said...

well i would have appreciated that my friends were like u as well...i too got too comfy wif my gf and after a year plus am still lost without her...

Eka said...

once you fall dearly in love with someone, its hard to imagine life without your significant others. love is weird, although you hurts, but you'll still hard to let it go.