Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Rip Off Day

Today is the day where flowers especially roses could be sold at least twice the normal price. The chocolatiers definitely have better sales percentage today. Hotels and restaurants that serve the food in kid’s portions that have Valentine’s package on the price of one week’s budgeted expenses will also have their share today. After the rip off day, some of the guys would have to fast until the next pay which would be in another 2 weeks while the girls would be in cloud nine that seems to last forever. Such a great news to the bosses since this would definitely be the time where productivity reach its peak. For those who forgot to make their reservations or don’t have the budget to buy the flowers and have dinner at the fancy restaurant, worry not! We have lots of stalls and mamak’s restaurant, which you could go to. Be creative with the flowers. Just pick them up at Taman Titiwangsa or if you have enough guts just go to Taman Orkid for a better flower quality. Have fun to all the couples but remember, the percentage of people that broke up during the Valentine’s Day is far higher than the normal days.


For the past two weeks I have seen Heath Ledger in two different movies, brokeback mountain and brothers grimm and last night Casanova. It felt slightly awkward seeing him as the world’s greatest lover after seeing him in his role in brokeback mountain. LOL. If you like Heath Ledger in A Knight’s Tale, you will definitely love him in this.


I should be banned from all the bookstores I suppose. I can’t help myself but to buy another book again yesterday. This time is the latest installments by Tom Holt, you don’t have to be evil to work here, but it helps. A book which have some good career advice which I would recommend to be read by those who are struggling in their work place which the youngest female staff is on the verge of having her menopause.


I kept clenching my jaws since last week and even more when someone called me up on Sunday to ask about work matters, which I definitely know nothing about and had to settle them on the basis of doing a favour. I wish I could have hanged someone just for the fun it. LOL.

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