Monday, February 20, 2006

Story untold


What does work really means?

a) an activity, such as a job, which a person uses physical or mental effort or do, usually for money
b) the material used by someone at work, or what they produce:

to do a job, especially the job you do to earn money, or to make someone do a job

For the past few weeks, I have been arriving early at the office. Well, it was not only because I wanted to avoid any unwanted remarks about how late I arrive at the office but also because I want to be mentally ready. The first 10 minutes alone mean so much to me as the office politic is getting really horrendous and at times I just can’t bear them.

There are some unwritten rules that I just found out the other day.
Thou shalt not show anger

I had been advised not to display my anger because it could dampen the morale of the team. But the funny thing is we can always let people know how tired we are after spending our night in the clubs or if we got up late on that particular day. I keep wondering what this person was trying to suggest. Was she trying to suggest that we could only display the tired face from 9am – 6pm? It would be even more stressful since you’d look like a walking zombie and totally hazardous for other’s mental health.

Thou shalt act like a bimbo

I have to put up lots of act in a day. Occasionally, I’d have a very busy day and I have to act like a bimbo from 9am – 6pm and I’d end up feeling real tired and would hit the sack as soon as I reach home. Last Friday, I had to join the other administrators and secretaries for the yearly room inspection at one of the service apartment in Jalan Ampang. I had to pretend that I loved to be around them and had to put up with some of them who asked some ridiculous questions about the services available though the answers are already written down in the pamphlets. I should have been given the award for the best actress for the act that I had put up there and a datukship for being able to spend my precious 2 hours with the devils without ever feeling nauseous.

Thou shalt not speak to the boss

I came to know that I actually have no supervisor and have to report directly
to the VP and the Directors but it seems like I have to report to some unofficial supervisors that let me do all the shitty works. What makes me feel so mad is that I can’t even ask a simple question from my director directly but to have to go through my so-called supervisor. Every issue should be raised up to the ‘supervisor’ and the person will then relay them to the Directors and I’d have to wait sometimes for a few hours to get my answer. It really is frustrating at times since I have to let my time go wasted to get a simple answer and have to succumb to the idea that I don’t have any rights to speak my piece of mind.

Thou shalt pretend not knowing each other at the hallway

This unwritten rule is so hilarious. Whenever you see your officemate even though the one that sitting next to you happen to stumble into you in the hallway, you both would treat each other like strangers and never make any eye contact. It’d be even better if you could see the person coming from the other end 500m before you guys bump into each other so that you could take a detour or perhaps stop at any cubicles and pretend to have a serious conversation.

What I am trying to say is that most of the times I really love the environment and the company but usually the people around will fuck me up and take the best of me.

Theatre - Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical

I had girl’s night out on Valentine’s Day. At first I thought that we wouldn’t make it on time since the road was totally jam and there were lots of small accidents along the way. The supposedly 15 minutes journey had been a 30 minutes instead. My girlfriends who got there earlier were so anxious since she was afraid that we couldn’t get there on time. Alas, love works magic on that day and we got there just in the nick of time.

A few people asked me why would I want to waste my money to watch the musical. Was I smitten by Stephen Rahman-Hughes good look or perhaps I just didn’t have anything else to do. I suppose his good looks might have contributed a small percentage to my decision making process but it was mainly to give my support to the local theatre. To those who thought that he couldn’t speak Malay, well you are totally wrong. By the way, he has such a beautiful voice that makes you want to take him home to sing you a lullaby every night.

I have never been to any musical theatre before, so I suppose I can’t give a good review on PGL The Musical. When I saw AC Mizal on stage the first thing that came across my mind was that can he sing better than his rapping in 4U2C? But when he started to sing I knew that he had put 4U2C behind and it was really astounding to see his own interpretation of Majapahit King. One thing for sure, I like it millions of time more than the movie. Kudos to those involved for giving the audiences the best of experience so far.

Documentary - Voices At The Bottom Of The Pyramid

A million thanks to Da Boss, Yasmin Ahmad, for giving me the opportunity to watch her very first documentary last Friday together with other TSC-ers. What I could say is this, please watch the documentary if you could catch it anywhere since it’d definitely enlighten you in lots of way. The most appealing part for me personally is when one of the women talked about dignity. The women surely don’t have lots of money and stuff like we do have here and certainly most of them would never heard of Guess and Levis, but they have one important thing that we seem to slowly forget, dignity and pride.

One would see the documentary as another Majalah Tiga but some will see it as a textbook to learn more about the reality in life. Though the subject is about the Indian women but still you can see that there’s got to be more to life than your Ikea furniture and plasma TV.

What do you want?

Someone asked me this question the other day and sadly I didn’t have a clue.

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

"what do you want?"

that question reminds me of a dialogue in syriana. shows how unready we are in life.

btw, feel free to ask me 3 questions about me, that you would want to know. you can ANYTHING, anything at all.just stop by at my blog.


kakicucuklangit said...

lain kali kalu ada orang tanya

"what do you want"

cakap je...

1. nak borong IKEA. boleh tumpang sekaki.
2. nak jadi bini no.3 or was it no.4? to sultan brunei.
3. buat kek coklat yang lebih sedap bila ada TSC meeting lagi.


Anonymous said...

jawab jeh "i want u"..teruja teruih dia..akkakaka