Sunday, February 05, 2006

World Keeps Turning

a face as long as a wet week

I went back to my hometown for the long holidays. I spent most of the time at home, and went out once in a while. It was sort of like revitalize, rejoice and rejuvenate as far as I’m concern. Time seemed to be ticking slower there compared to when I am in KL. I guess it is maybe because I have lots of things to do here. As always, mum cooked lots of my favourite dish, which made both of my sisters grateful that I came back for a visit since they could have free meals everyday. LOL.

My nephews and nieces gave me some big hugs, which I really needed for god knows how long. I spent some quality time together; the late night talk about their life and problems, DVD marathon, reading and the usual fights about who is the one that should be the leader of the pack. They had shown some signs of responsibilities by taking care of the young ones while we lot gossiping in the kitchen. The latest addition to the family, Erfan Qayyim is surrounded by love not only from his parents but also from the cousins who seems to be taking care of him, including Aliff the Chicken Little who is only 1 year old.

Grandpa has changed a bit. He had lost some weight and didn’t speak much. I tried to have a chat with him but he just stared blankly onto the wall. Mum was a bit worried about the changes and we had to assure her that there’s nothing wrong with him. I cooked his favourite dish and he just ate them silently. When I was a kid, I used to spend my weekend at my grandparents house. I used to cycle 10km back and forth with my grandpa to the day market on every Sunday without failed. When we got there, we usually had our breakfast at his favourite kopitiam. Most of his friends that hung out with him there had already passed away and I suppose he misses them all.

I went out with Kojeh and mum the other day and we drove passed the graveyard. I saw a man was busy tending one of the cemeteries. I didn’t go to visit abah’s like I always do. I miss him though but still I couldn’t see myself standing next to his cemetery and started to speak about my misery.

When I was about to step out from the house to go the train station to come back to KL, I realized that mum had a face as long as a wet week. She kept asking when am I going to come home again. I pretended that I didn’t hear her. I always have a mixed feeling about coming back home. The other side of me would keep telling me that it is my responsibility to always come home and see my mum but the other side would be saying that it hurt me so much to come back and see what my family has become.


I had a little gathering the other day with some friends from the secondary school. Usually I would always decline the invitation for a reunion especially the one that include the over achievers LOL. It is tiring to answer the standard questions that will always be asked in any reunions. Have you found the one? When are you getting married? How much is your pay? Would it be enough?

I have known one of them since I was in the primary school. One of them is not that lucky in her career path, the other one is damn happy with her job and the last one is still looking for a job. I never felt more relieved to meet them all that day. I was reminded of my root through the conversations and I am glad that I still remember what I was made of.


Trips to the “penjual VCD haram’ is a must. So I went there with a mission to buy Brokeback Mountain and Transamerica. Both movies are about sexualities, but definitely trying to evoke very different feelings. Brokeback Mountain definitely has a better DOP, IMHO. Watch them without any prejudice and you shall see why I said that it would evoke your feelings. Another fine movie that I have seen is me and you and Everyone We Know. You will see how hard it is to connect with other people. I suppose some of us use blogging as a way to connect to people too.


I have watched Trainspotting a few years ago and I loved it so much. During one of my weekly trip to Border’s with Hazera I found the book, amidst the classical shelves. This time I could never be so thankful to people who could never put the book back to the right shelves. Reading this book is such a challenge since you might take sometime to understand the colloquial speech. Once you have got a grip, it would be a smooth sailing.

I have never read Gabriel Garcia Marquez before though I know a few lads who love his writings. I ended up buying One Hundred Years of Solitude when I couldn’t find the book that I really wanted to buy. Lesson of the day: always write down the title of the book just in case you might forget. There’s no use to memorize the colour of the cover only.


Richard Ashcroft is back! I have always loved his video clip, after I saw his ‘A song for the lovers’ video clip. It is simple but yet interesting. His latest single, Break the night with colour is smashing. Another video clip that had caught my eyes is by Korn, Twisted Transistor. What can I say? Korn would always come out with great ideas for their video clips.

The loneliness - Pablo Neruda

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I want to walk with you and know,
know the reasons why; I want to walk
inside of your shattered heart,
to ask the lost dust,
the shay, dispersed jasmine

whay?why this miserable dirt?
why this forsaken light?
why this shadow without stars?
why doom in Paita?

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jules said...

my penjual vcd haram asked me "u sure you don't want a plastic bag?" after buying brokeback. why ah?