Thursday, March 16, 2006

Let's work like a Trojan!

The devil finds work for idle hands

So we had the most anticipated team meeting last week, well at least for me and a few other people who thought that they could have sometime off from work by attending the meeting. It merely was to clarify about the scope of every team and the organization chart. It was supposed to give the team a better picture of what everybody else does and why they do it etc. As for me, I have more team to administer and it would means that I might need to strain every nerve to get my job done in time. Just imagine me as one the Orcs (a cleaner and prettier version, mind you) who does all Saruman’s dirty job but at the end of the day he’s still a grumpy old man who has a mid-life crisis and decides to put some grey highlight on his hair.

One thing about meeting is that it’d never start or finish on time. I happened to have one of the days where I had to be as busy as a bee. I was late for the meeting and had to stand with the rest of the gang. I happened to be standing next to this person who has a very special ability which all of us need to instill, sleeping while standing. He managed to fall asleep while standing without anybody realizing it when I suddenly felt that water had been dropping onto my shoe. I turned to my side and realized that his eyes were closed and water from his mug had been dropping out. I woke him up in a flash and he blurted out that he thought the mug was empty. Way to go man!

The thing is by giving me more team to administer it is suppose to lighten the burden that the other witch have to endure before. But even before the meeting ended, the witch had already made a point to me that she’d want me to assist her in administering her team which only consists of 10 people compared to mine which would be more than 30 people. I suppose if she insists on me to do so to the VP then the devil will definitely finds work for idle hands.

What a nuisance

I keep hearing these phrases for the past 2 weeks. We have plans for you; at the moment you’ll be responsible to fulfill the team’s needs. You don’t have to worry about your position and just continue whatever things you have been doing before.

Well, I don’t really worry whether I’d be a permanent staff for the time being since I know where I stand in this particular situation. But I just can’t understand what plan is there for me since nobody wants to elaborate on it. You know, it gives the same effect on your self esteem like when your mom says that you look just fine when you are having the bad hair day and based on the high level of trust on her, you go to school and try to act normal while everybody stares and try to convince themselves that you are not a zombie from The Land of the Dead and you hair just look like that because you are run out of hair mousse.


A million thanks to Glenn for sending in the book through Habri“ Soe Hok Gie – Catatan Seorang Demonstran (Notes of a Demonstrator)”. This book has been the inspiration of the film Gie by Miles Films, which is now available on DVD in Indonesia. In spite of the fact that there’s a picture of Nicolas Saputra at the front cover (which I believe would make lots of girls want to have the book), there’s also a very meaningful line at the back of the book, “lebih baik diasingkan daripada menyerah pada kemunafikan (loosely translated as it’s better to be isolated than to conform to stupidity” which shows how sharp was his thinking. This book really is recommended to those who like me, still need to understand what patriotism means and trying to inspire their own self. Please be reminded that the book and the DVD are only available in Indonesia.

Peter Pan - tak bisakah

hatiku bimbang namun tetap pikirkanmu
selalu slalu dalam hatikuku melangkah sejauh apapun itu
selalu kau di dalam hatiku
kuberjalan berjalan memutar waktu
berharap temukan sisa hatimu
mengertilah kuingin engkau begitu
mengerti kau di dalam hatiku
tak bisakah kau menungguku
hingga nanti tetap menunggu
tak bisakah kau menuntunku
menemani dalam hidupku
tak ada kau mencari hidupku
kemana kau tau isi hatiku
kutunggu sejenak aku disitu
jalanku jalan menemukanmu

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Bob said...

Who is that sleepy head? let me lol too !

kekure said...

clues : was once featured in a mag and located almost at the end of wing A. LOL.