Sunday, March 12, 2006

On Human

Moving On

We human really are complex and because we are so complex we started to build up lots of shopping complexes just to show how complex we are. The best example of a very complex shopping complex is Berjaya Times Square. It's too big and not enough directories!Oh back to the issue on human.We have lots of feelings, lots of wanting and needs, etc. Some of us make decision based on logics and calculations that might have been presented in spreadsheets while a few of us just follow their gut feeling. At some phase of our life something bizarre might happened and we just can’t make any decisions and at this point we are stuck in between and afraid to move on.

I found out about a few people that I know of are afraid to move on after they failed in their love life and still hoping that they might been given the chance to have back their love and things will be normal or even better for themselves. One of these persons that I know of is the type of person that keeps things to himself. Don’t ask me how I know about him wanting to get back to his ex-girlfriend because I just know it. It really is sad to learn that he refuses to move on and denies other people’s chances to be a part of his new chapter in life. I just don’t understand why but perhaps things might be even better if he just leave the excess baggage and move on. IMHO, those that lost their family members but refuse to move on is slightly better than this type of people since their lost is irreplaceable.

Moral Values

I had an interesting conversation on value the other day. This particular person is so afraid that demonstration on the Danish cartoon would be held again at the building that I work in that she had a terrible dream about it the night before. Although she is a local but it seems like she has a shallow knowledge about how demonstration works in Malaysia. She thought that every demonstration would end up with people throwing objects towards the police and riots would begin. Typical thought I would say.

She mentioned to me that somebody from the office saw me with a group of bystander during the demonstration by the opposition political party a few weeks ago in front of my office building. I told her that I had been asked to join in but I believe it really is against my values. I never believe in anything about demonstration, not only about the purpose but also things that happens during the demonstration itself. I explained to this person that if Prophet Muhammad were still alive, he wouldn’t even care to have any demonstrations to show his protest against the cartoon. He would fight to instill the right Islamic values and only then we could become a strong community that could become all these obstacles.

Upon hearing this, she said to me that looking at the way I am and the finger showing incident to one of the witches before she is glad to know that it seems like I have an acceptable moral values and should be in the right track in life.

Again, this goes to prove the point that looks could be deceiving to some people and still the statement didn’t make any impact on my life.


So I decided to write something about the comments left by the kind readers who left their messages on my comment box. Alas, I was not successful in getting any phone numbers from the single guys out there. Sob!Sob!

Bob, the network design guy from my office left this message :
Im so disappointed that im not in your blogroll....OUINNNNNNN

Congratulations Bob because you are the first colleague to leave your message on my blog. As a token of appreciation I have included your blog in my blogroll together with David, Nico and Francois.Yipppeeeee!

Oreo from
waa... that must have come after a period of self reflection

True indeed, I had spent the last two months of self-reflection in front of the mirror and I realized that I started to have crow's feet since I love to laugh a lot. So starting from today I shall minimize my laugh in order to stop the wrinkles from building up rapidly. If it starts to become worst then I shall l stop laughing altogether and will just show the placard that written Ha!Ha!Ha! It’s damn funny man!

Jules from
my penjual vcd haram asked me "u sure you don't want a plastic bag?" after buying brokeback. why ah?

Jules, it’s so typical of Malaysian to just accept the plastic bag given after buying anything, let it from the penjual VCD haram or the fishmonger though we have about 10 plastic bags in hand with one of them might only have one cd in it. Perhaps, he was just perplexed to learn that you have refused to accept the plastic bag not like others. Way to go Jules! Save Mother Nature! Plastic bag not cool! or maybe he wanted to make sure that you wouldn’t want people to know that you bought cerita main belakang from him? Sort of keeping your reputation untarnished I suppose?

Where’s my food?

I had to manage a team who had their training in my office for 3 days in a row. I had to make sure that everybody happy which was not a very pleasant task. On the very last day of the training, I had ordered food enough for everyone and distributed the food accordingly. There were 2 participants who had to go out to settle something and I kept their food inside the fridge while waiting for them to come back. I happened to leave the pantry to make a phone call for 5 minutes and when I went back I found the 2 participants were perplexed right in front of the pantry entrance. I found out that their food went missing. Somebody then asked me whether I wrote down my name on the food wrapper and I bluntly replied no. So the answer given to me was: well, no wonder you lost your food since there was no name written on it! I knew it was my fault for not writing my name on it. But logically, with name or no name it’s not yours. Why would you want to take it in the first place?


It has been months since I last traveled by LRT on Sunday morning. Nothing much changed, I suppose after seeing an older man had to raise his voice to another young man to give up his seat on the LRT for an older woman. I believe that most of us would have seen the same scenario before. What have we become? Do we, Malaysians, have lost our courtesy and compassion towards others? The worst scenario that I have seen so far was a woman who had to hold her young baby with one arm while the other one was clinging to the pole during the morning peak hours. Nobody offered her a seat. Just imagine if you yourself had to endure the same scenario? Some of you might have lost the temper and screamed as loud as you can to get the seat. Well, I know I would. Do we need to have a moral police in the LRT who will make sure that the seats are given to those most in need?


To all the bookworms out there, don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair, which is going to be held in Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) on 24 March to 2 April 2006. Take a step forward to instill the reading habits and hopefully we won’t be in the lazy reader list any more.

I finally had the time to wrap all my books with the plastic wrap yesterday. It is one the habit that stays strong in me. The habit started with my mum who would always wrapped my books when I was young and when I became the school librarian the habit was already instilled in me. Officially I now have 11 books that I haven’t read! Wish I could take a month of just to finish these books!
It Itself Becomes Sign
The one to whom's unveiled the mystery of love
Exists no longer, but is annihilated in love.
Place before the sun a burning candle,
See how it's shining disappears before those lights:
The candle exists no longer, is transfigured into Light.
There are no more signs of it; it itself becomes a Sign.

Rumi - Odes

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