Monday, March 27, 2006

Post Mortem

Since the two wars seem to have to come to an end, I suppose it’d be good if we could do some post mortem on the wars. Please be informed that the posting is based on my 16 years old psychological analysis. So please bear with my asinine comment on these two wars that thank to god had finally ended. Perhaps, in both cases it is forgiven but definitely not forgotten.

War 1 – Cold War

Cause of War

My posting “on human”.

Pre – war

Someone read it and got off track.


Received malicious e-mail and silent treatment came up next. I made lots of phone calls to the sisterhood support group to deter myself from running amok and tried to kill this person with a stapler. Lost a few good night sleeps and ended up being a zombie at work. Almost hit the person’s head with a heavy 4” file but decided not to after realizing that I don’t have enough money to pay for the medical expenses and to hire a lawyer.

Post War

Cleared the air and things back to normal, I suppose.

Lessons learnt from the war

Silent treatment could kill
Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me

War 2 – Great War

Cause of War

Out of tiredness because of lack of sleep I said something really nasty to my favourite someone. Darn!

Pre – war

My fave someone hung up even before I even finished talking.


The worst treatment of all: The silent treatment, which I really have no idea on how to handle it let alone to go through it. My phone calls and SMS-es were not answered and it certainly gave me a very good reason to lose my sleep. Man, I really am not good in handling crisis.

Post War

I had to endure the sarcastic remarks due to the nasty words that had been uttered which I suppose would etched in my brain for the rest of my life. Things seem to be back to normal though it is certainly poignant to think that this person will no longer be around.

Lessons learnt from the war

Always bite your tongue
Never pick an argument with a Capricorn if you are a Sagittarian LOL

5 messages:

maggot said...

This is the most comprehensive war post-mortem by anybody or any country I've ever read! Condoleezza Rice should print this out & slip it under Bush's door. Brilliant!

Eh lupa, *sorak sorai* eh perang dah tammat mari orang kampong semua tanam padi!


. : obesiti perkapasiti : . said...

weh, sagi vs capri.. sepatutnye sagi menang tau..ahahahahahahaha.. xpe.. blom lagi perang aries ngn capri.. jadi la cam aku nnt..woof woof.. silent is the best way to remain victory.. ahsk.. always believe in that.. buat bodoh.. ahaks

Nana said...

keh keh..apsal aku taktau pasal 2nd war neh..

fae said...

..ato pun war antara leo ngan aries, pindah terus aries! *eh, sama!*

always fight fire with fire, but when there's a big gap for you to throw in some nukes, by all mean use it bebeh!

hazera said...

woops! lmbt baca. hehe. neway, hoorayyy!! it's over~