Thursday, September 28, 2006

A very peaceful Ramadhan

I was supposed to reach this certain target for my new department. Unfortunately, the so called experienced sub-cons had blown up my chance to prove my capability to my new boss. So what did I do to make me feel good? I blog :P

Since Faye had brought up the jeepers creepers name, then I suppose I should write an ode to her.

O jeepers creepers
You’re so hot like peppers
Your skirt is short just like strippers

O jeepers creepers
You like to pretend like you have Alzheimer’s
And you make us a little bonkers

O jeepers creepers
I wish I have a team of archers
But what I have is only a pair of bluchers

O jeepers creepers
You think you’re a charmer
But in fact only chiggers

I know if I start to complain more about the girls in my company, someone would say that I’m weird. hahahahahahah

The fasting is doing just fine. But since the first day, I only have 4 hours sleep and eat only once a day. Perhaps my body is still adjusting or most probably I become too tense and lost my appetite. Hopefully things will get better when I go back to see my family this weekend.

Since I drive to work for the past 2 months, I feel like my life is at stake every time I’m on the road. I saw an ads at the back of the metrobus : Guarantee to pass the driving exams! If based on the way the driver drove the bus, I think the company should be held responsible for ensuring that those bad drivers pass the exams and became the road bullies.

I bought a manga : museum of terror. I finished it up in one seating. My reading activity had actually stopped since I didn’t use the public transportation any longer. Sort of miss the rituals though

2 messages:

nottikos said...

nice one there! tk saba jugakk nk balk kampung~ hooraiiI!!!

fae said...

hahaha,...sO true to life!

ooOOoo jeepers creepers,
i'm afraid to look at your slippers,
coz what i'll say will be in the bleepers.