Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I love Karipap

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I met up with a friend whom I haven’t met for quite sometimes. In fact, today was the first time ever that I went out to KLCC by using the public transportation. It was awkward because I suddenly realized how I missed my reading in the LRT’s.
The movie was not bad. But then I still feel like throwing up after seeing all the blood splashing here and there. Luckily I had my meal before the movie, or else I might lose my appetite. All in all, it was a great day. I cherished the companion of an old friend and marveled at the new one.
Got A Problem?
I’ve been reading other people’s blog, which I found interesting and amusing. It’s interesting to learn that most people on earth have one thing in common: they always have problems. The amusing part would be what it takes to make people hack your blog and let it appears blank for a few hours.
A problem is a very subjective matter. To some people, financial would be their biggest problem, ie yours truly who is now having almost zero income. Not only we look at problems differently but also on how to solve it. I have a few options in hand but the only obstacle would be insufficient encouragement received. :lol:

My fave companion talked to me other day. He said I was too lazy to move my butt. As always I launched a shrill attack on him. Alas, prove is needed to support my statement. So far, I have none.

Thing that irritate me the most

I had supper with peanut last night at our fave place. The place was quite full and we had to sit in the inner part. After a while, one of the tables on the outer part was vacant and I made my move to change our table. I was talking on the phone and as I was about to sit came this guy and pulled the chair. He made a rude gesture, asking me to leave the table. What the !@#$? I was there first and still he dared to do so. Since I always frequent that place, I decided not to make a scene. How I wish I had a saber so I could knock his empty head (he might have a good look but I swear that he has lost his brain somewhere along the way) and the other two girls who thought that they were with Brad Pitt. Oh god!Please! He was an even far cry from M Daud Kilau.

Frame of mind
Not in a very good mood.

Jobless and sober!
I went out 4 days in a row, which meant I’ve spent a good deal of money though I saved some by having free breakfast at FINAS and free dinner sponsored by my fave someone.
*Sigh* My job hunting is still no avail and I’m getting sick and tired.

Sunny Sunday

I went out with my fave someone last Sunday. We went to CM and PS, which I haven’t been to for quite sometime. I stepped out of the shop while he sent in his pics to be developed. Something nostalgic struck me at that time when I heard Sheila On 7’s song ‘Dan’ playing from the music store next door. It felt as if walking a memory lane. I went to CM with Macca once and never after that we came back to hang out at that place. It felt odd for going back to the same place after a few years at first but then when I heard the song, I was certain that I should let him go for good.
Bila esok datang kembali
Seperti sedia kala dimana kau bisa bercanda
Perlahan kaupun, lupakan aku
Mimpi burukmu
Dimana t'lah kutancapkan duri tajam
Kaupun menangis, menangis sedih
Maafkan aku...
Bukan maksudku, bukan inginku
Melukaimu sadarkah kau di sini 'kupun terluka
Melupakanmu, menepikanmu
Maafkan aku
Lupakanlah/caci maki saja diriku
Bila itu bisa membuatmu kembali bersinar
Dan berpijar seperti dulu kala
In darkness he is all I see
The outing was great; I had satay with the companion that I valued the most. (I really am sorry for leaving u at the stall all alone. I had to go into 7E to get some cool air or else I might have fainted there and there. You wouldn’t want that won’t you?)I never knew that there is a good satay stall in PS. Thank you for introducing me to it ;-) Will you buy me dinner at Chinoz next time?

Stop gibbering, man, and tell us what movie you have did.
I was a bit indolent that very morning but still I went over to FINAS last Sunday. Karipap Rawkz! That is all I could say about the free breakfast. I almost fell asleep due to over consuming of karipap :-p. guys, please avoid the ever so yummy karipap if you go to FINAS’s movie appreciation. You’d fall asleep and miss all the fun hehe. The long awaited debate between Yasmin Ahmad and Mansor Puteh finally took place. But it was a bit mellow and not as fierce as all of us had expected it to be. I could only came out with these two points :
1) Sepet is a telemovie
Well, I partly agree with this one. But not all movies made in Malaysia are telemovies except by the you-know-who. I would burn the house of those who said that Sepet is just another tele-movie.
2) Sepet is a soft porn movie
Yikes! This is scary. Maybe they had orgies while watching Sepet in the cinema. I wonder…
Our beloved Mansor Puteh said that he’d certainly wins an award in Cannes if he makes a movie that reveals a lot of the Malay’s breasts. He also bragged that he have seen everything in the anatomy of a woman since he lives in New York. Well, I believe we don’t need to go as far as him to learn about the anatomy. All these things can be seen, in our own backyard boys and girls.One will only need to stroll along Bukit Bintang and some of the other places to see it all.
IMHO, a good movie is a good movie. No need to scrutinize all the superfluous details. We are the moviegoers that can think and filter what’s good and what’s bad. As Pak Hasan Mutalib said on that day, we are the kind of moviegoers that have been awaited for in 30 years. Yeay!I could never be so proud of myself on that day. At least I know all the money that had been used to watch all the movies in cinema did contribute to making an impact to the film industry. Not forget to mention my contribution to the VCD sellers might have helped them to get more money to buy lots of original DVDs so we can have more film selections.I am as eager as a beaver to watch his movie. That’s the only thing I could say since I’m trying my best not to curse him in public..hehehe
Love Signs and You
I had a real laugh tonight with my newly found friend. I was reading this book, which titled “Love Signs and You” and I told him about his star. We laughed hard since none of the things said in the book about him was right. I now have doubt over this book upon knowing that we both had none of the characteristics said in the book. hehehe..
It is said in the book that as a Sagittarian from that particular year, I shall fell in the inspired suitor category. “You shall be a very satisfying lover, visionary, dreamy and romantic. You tend to put your partner on a pedestal and idealize their word and action. No wonder so many want to be your one-and-only!” YEAH RIGHT!I should send in an email to the writer and tell her that she had wrongly read the tarot card and her book shall be burned by all the readers.

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aidids said...

Too bad I cannot make it for the aspirisasi sepet. Have to make way for boling anjuran sahri fan club n misi suara hati. aiseh, tunjuk kat tv smlm tak nampak pulak muka akak. Klu tak gelemer lah kejap yew. :D
Thks for visiting my blog. Mata ngantuk lagi ni, mlm tadi baca buku love trainer tu sampai dini hari. huhu

kekure said...

Tq kak buku tu memang best kan?kelakar banget..hehehe..
wah!congrats,org pertama comment kat my blog..cheers mate

paperclip said...

Hhh.. that's make me the 2nd commentor!

Maggee n me.. wat a fren inneed indeedly.

Hope it is not too much to ask, wat did the book say for capri.. hee.. hee..

kekure said...

hey paperclip..congrats!u r the second a reward u'll get a free reading then hahah
send in ur details and i'll be happy to give ur me ok?:-)

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Hi kekure. I've joined this 'hiking companion' related website and wondered if you know of any other website which might help me to find a hiking companion in my local area? Many thanks