Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Lavatory is the place to be

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I started writing this posting a couple of weeks ago. Due to some tragic events, extra curricular activities and visiting my family, I had to keep this aside. As I seems to have all the time to kill I can continue with my writing.

What I learned from a movie

I had my weekly dose of watching a good movie last night. It was harrowing. Like others, those kids haunted me. A few scenes really moved my feelings. Still I felt mostly moved when they planted all the plants in the noodle cups. The plants symbolized their hope, which kept them going. That’s something that I could really relate to. Another thing is I’m slowly changing my diet to instant noodles lately, so I definitely could relate to that. .LOL. I’ve been hoping for good things to happen to me. Lately, the only things that keep me going are my hope. Insyaallah, good things will happen, eventually. The other all of a sudden I felt bored living my life. I happened to tell my fave companion about this. When he asked me why, it seemed like I didn’t have a perfect answer for that.
I heard a remark from a friend of mine about how strong and calm I am. I guess no matter how hard my life is at the moment; I still need to go on with my life. In that movie, though their mom left them to seek for her own happiness, still they struggle to stay alive. I believe if she saw that movie, she’d feel the same like I do.
Lately, being able to see my friends to only have some drinks could bring me so much happiness. But to some people, they can’t understand why should I still feel happy living my life. These children had felt the utmost happiness when they played at the playground. It doesn’t matter how hard your live is, you still deserves the right to be happy. I don’t believe in hiding inside my room and blaming every human that walks the earth for the catastrophe that I have to face. That would be selfish
Like Yuki who didn’t get to do many things while she was alive, I also didn’t get to do some things in the past. Yuki didn’t get to see her mother though she kept telling her siblings that she had a hunch that their mother would come back for her birthday. I didn’t get to say good-bye to my dad though I was actually had the chance to do so. But I believe that if I happened to call him up that very night, his soft voice would haunt me for the rest of my life.
Shigeru definitely reminds me of Angah. Silly but kind. It was funny when he sniffed the noodles through the small opening while waiting for it to be ready. Yeap, waiting for the noodle to be ready can really test your patience.
When Akira put Yuki in the luggage and he slipped the red slippers on her tiny feet, it reminded me of abah’s sandal that I gave out to Emi. It was really sad to see they put all the things that she loved the most in the luggage; the red slippers, the Apollo chocos. Then Akira and Saki took the luggage to the airport to bury her there because she always wanted to see the planes. If I could ever bury all the bad memories that I have just like that wouldn’t it be easier to be me?

The 9th anniversary that I’d never get to celebrate

It was the first time ever that I didn’t celebrate my 9th anniversary with Macca. Though I took the liberty to sms him and wished him anniversary, till today I never heard anything from him. It was a very sad and lonely day. How I wished at that time that I could delete the day out of the calendar and replace it my birthday instead.

Why I love Anuar Zain

I will always have good memories on Anuar Zain, who has mellifluous voice. Not only because he was supposed to be my birthday present from my fave companion (but then he had to replace it with something else since Anuar Zain was out of town*sigh*) but also because most of the people that I love likes him too.
I had my karaoke session with my fave someone on our way back to our hometown a couple of weeks ago. I just realized that the cassette had spoilt when out of a sudden Anuar Zain’s voice sounded like a mice. Well, at first I was terrified since it was very late at night and the highway was deserted. How relieved I was when I realized that it was the spoilt cassette rather than some entity trying to have fun with us. My fave someone always plays this cassette whenever I ride in his car. Perhaps it’s about time for me to buy him a new one.
Angah and Kak Chik had dubbed Anuar Zain as their good friend. Am I to blame? Nah! I don’t think so..LOL.. They have been complaining about his latest video clip. They just can’t wait to see the continuation of it. To tell you the truth, I think Anuar Zain looks great as a samurai.Yummy!hehe

Post-traumatic stress disorder
My fave someone has just lost his beloved mother. Five months after I lost my beloved abah. It felt as if I had to go through it all again, but this time through other people’s eyes.
I believe it’s easier for us both to talk to each other. How good it was for me to be able to be by his side when he had to go through this.
I always pray that he’ll be just fine and only time will tell how he’s going to face the fact that his mother won’t be there when he gets home next time.

recevoir une leçon dure mais profitable ( to be sadder but wiser)

I went back to see my family twice in 3 weeks. Each time I go back, I feel a different feeling. When I went back together with my fave someone when his mother had the stroke attack, I felt sad when I arrived at the front gate. Not only because his mother was in the hospital and hadn’t gained her consciousness but also because I missed my dad out of a sudden.
The second time was different. I felt like he was still here. It felt as if he would sleep on his lazy chair and waited for me to be home. I almost called out abah instead of mak when I knocked the front door. How I miss him opening the door for me


Gebob is going to have her second child, at last. Though she still refuses to talk to us, Kojeh and I are glad that her wish has been granted. We never know when she’d learn her lessons on life. One could only pray
Mom is fine. She had given me the opportunity to do some gardening with her the other day. I had to tend my fave someone’s plants that is under my mom’s care. When she had a very good eyesight, she never let me come anywhere near her plants. She was afraid that I might break her vases or any other accidents that might occur during the gardening session.
Tuk Wan as always wants some TLC. He likes to make me jumpy especially late at night. I know deep down in his heart he finds it funny to see me terrified when he suddenly opens up his eyes ala Tru Calling’ dead bodies. I suppose he laughs after I tuck him to bed every nigh

Les liens de l'amitié (the ties of friendship)

Friends come and go. Long lost friends could be found anywhere, even when you are in the lavatory. I met my two long lost friends, one from my secondary school years and the other from my college years.
It’s hard actually. When you have not seen the other person for ten years, it would be awkward to suddenly see them reappearing in your life. Though I have taken her phone number on the day we met, I still don’t have the guts to sms her at least.
I feel bless with all the friends that I’ve since I was little to those that I just meet recently. I just can’t thank those new found friends who have been lending their ears and listening to my nagging. LoL
Thank you people for including me in your circle of friends and hopefully it will last. Cheers!

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