Tuesday, May 10, 2005

In Between Dreams

i wish a butterfly would lepak on my nose someday ;-) Posted by Hello

Haven’t update for quite sometimes.

Been busy..Well not that I am busy with my life whatsoever..Been busy taking care of other people..That’s more like it..


I had a conversation with a fellow blogger who I came to know through the blog that I frequent lately. He said that the blog should be written sincerely because it is what comes from the heart. It is special since it is personal. I strongly agree with his advice. Thank you so much for reminding me why I started writing my blog in the first place.Sometimes it’s hard for you to tell people what you really feel at certain time. In fact I believe that I could communicate better in writing rather than telling that person verbally about my feelings n such.I had experienced something funny this week. As I didn’t pay up my rental fees for two months, it seemed like I’ve pissed my housemate off big time. We both don’t talk much ever since I moved in with her. As a result, she sent me a memo, which she left on TV one night. I was awestruck at first but then it became a humor.

Most of my friends laughed heartily when they heard that she also mentioned about the broom, among other things. I had a very good idea about writing a short movie script based on this situation. It would make a very good comedy I guess. Perhaps, I should produce a short movie on “How to live with a weird housemate”.She thought that by putting the newspaper under the mat would be effective in telling me that I was supposed to sweep the floor. Peanut and I thought that she forgot to remove the newspaper and I took the liberty to remove it the very next day. LOL. Anyway, I spent a vast amount of time writing her a letter to explain the whole situation that I’m facing at the moment. It took her about two days to stop sending me letters since she had be replying my letter every time.

Not many people understand how could I live with her since we rarely speak to each other. I have my own life and she doesn’t seem to have any. Well at least I do have friends to hang out with, screenings to attend, and books to read. We don’t have anything in common except for the Internet. She loves Backstreet Boys, which I think is so uncool. She likes American Idol and The Amazing Race so much that she had printed out the stickers of the contestants and did her own wallpapers for these 2 TV series. I thought I am a weirdo but to some extent she is weirder than I am. She can be mean at times but as always I’d just ignore it.hahaha. Maybe she feels like she has the right to decapitate me and display my head in front of 7-11 every time I ignore her memo.In the mean time, I’d just live with her and try to tolerate her weirdness no matter how weird it is. With a bit of luck!

Count your blessings

I called my mom a last week and she as always argues on why I am still stuck with the part time job at the production house rather than asking how am I doing lately. I then told her that my table fan is broke and I can’t afford to buy a new one. Mom as always made some remark about the situation and detested the idea of buying a new one for her beloved daughter. Well, knowing her really well I knew that I needed to buy the fan on my own.

All of a sudden I felt like a damsel in distress. But to my surprise she bought me a new fan and passed it over to Peanut who came over last week. Gosh! Where is my real mom? Somebody, please give me back my mom! Though it was only a small table fan, still I felt blessed or else I might die of heat in my tiny room.

Someone said to me that I’ve been acting strange due to my over consuming of instant noodle. But then he had to shut his mouth when I came out with this remarkable remark. Well at least I thought it was remarkable since he refused to speak to me for a few days. He was telling me that he had sushi (upon hearing he had sushi, I was drooling like nobody’s business..hahah) and kfc etc while I only had instant noodles for the past few days ( he didn’t know that I actually had Maggie once last week and it was because I was too lazy to go out). So I said to him, I don’t bother much about the food as long as I’m grateful about it. Then I asked him, do you recite your do’a before you eat your meal because it won’t mean nothing if u don’t. So count your blessings.

Enjoy your meal and be grateful that you are blessed with good food while others may have to eat something that they dug out from the bins.

Change of heart

I believe that when abah passed away, everybody has changed in certain ways. Mom is a bit relaxed, compared to the first two months after abah died. Kojeh too is more concerned about my well-being. She has nag less and less lately. I still haven’t spoke to Gebob though Kojeh told me that she has started to visit mom again. Good for mom since she misses Gebob lately.

Variety is the spice of life

For the past few weeks, some of my friends have given their suggestions on how I could make my life better. Some of the suggestions given are quite fascinating on paper but I’m not that keen to do it practically. This very special someone had even suggested me moving out from the house and moved in with his friend. I can’t afford to do so at this phase of my life and the other significant reason is I don’t want to have any conflict of interest. Based on the telephone conversation that I had with this person I knew that I had make the right decision and my very first impression about that girl was right. Hmmmm.

Another friend of mine said that it’d be best if I worked at the diner that we frequent together. For god sake! 1) That diner only hires men 2) I know she wants me to match her with the waiter and I certainly don’t want to be in any part of it *sigh*

Kojeh also suggested that I go back home and live with mom. The idea seemed to be alluring at first but then it occurred to me that I moved to Kl because I wanted to be independent. I never regret the decision that I made before though there is somebody trying to make feel the other way around.

My fave companion

He sms-ed me a few days ago. As always he asked me about my life. I happened to tell him that I’m tired living my life. He asked me back why did I say so. But by then I was already asleep and didn’t answer his question until today. Perhaps I need to have a long conversation with him in order for me to really answer his question.

"Sitting, Waiting, Wishing"

Now I was sitting waiting wishing

That you believed in superstitions

Then maybe you'd see the signs

But Lord knows that this world is cruel

And I ain't the Lord, no I'm just a fool

Learning loving somebody don't make them love you

Must I always be waiting waiting on you?

Must I always be playing playing the fool?

I sing ya songs I dance a danceI gave ya friends all a chance

Putting up with them wasn't worth never having you

And maybe you been through this before

But its my first time

So please ignore

The next few lines cause they're directed at you

I cant always be waiting waiting on you

I cant always be playing playing your fool

I keep playing your cards

But its not my scene

Wont this plot not twist?I've had enough mystery.

Keep building me up, then shooting me down

Well im already down

Just wait a minute

Just sitting waiting

Just wait a minute

Just sitting waiting

Well if I was in your position

Id put down all my ammunition

I'd wondered why'd it taken me so long

But Lord knows that I'm not you

And If I was I wouldn't be so cruel

Cause waiting on love ain't so easy to do

Must I always be waiting waiting on you?

Must I always be playing playing the fool?

No I cant always be waiting waiting on you

I cant always be playing playing your fool, foool

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Heya Kekure! I just read your message at my comment box. Thanks for dropping by. :)

I've read your blog.. and yes, I think Anuar Zain's 'Mungkin' video is good!

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Keep in touch!

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hahaha!! I LOVE KARIPAP TOO!!!

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me love karipap tuuu..inti mau lebeyy..akakak