Thursday, October 13, 2005


Great soundtrack!luv them!

You get to see Becks for 20secs, Zizou and Raul for 25 secs and Alan Shearer for 2 minutes. Is it worth it?For me Yes!Coz i got to see the Reds lost to the Magpies.Luckily United was not the one being trashed in the movie.It was the Reds,which IMHO suited them just fine!LOL

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Anonymous said...

yeaaaa...loving it too~ best best besttt

Anonymous said... least aku rase citer ni lagik ok dari skeleton key buduh tu kot..whahahaha

Eka said...

woittsss..tgk wayang tak ajak pon.. :P ehehehe..selamat berpuasa dude