Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's all about Ricky Martin!

I had 8 hours of sleep last night. I had very strange dreams, which really was terrifying. My day started strangely this morning and I guess it’s going to be a very strange day indeed.

The good news is Ricky Martin is out with his new album. What’s so good about it? Well, I’m sick and tired to listen to his old songs that have been on air like forever. With a bit of luck, I hope this album will have catchier tunes and brainy lyrics. To be honest, I don’t really care about Ricky Martin. I just want to write something about him since his video clip is on MTV as I updating the blog. LOL.

A horrific incident happened to me yesterday. It all started with me asking for my documents that needed to be approved from one of the directors, which I shall, named as MJ. Well, the incident actually happened between his assistant, the Witch and I.

I went to ask about the status of my documents from the Witch for the 3rd times in 6 hours. Three is not a lucky number for me. On the third time that I went to see her, I knew that she’d be really pissed off to see me.

Kekure : Have MJ signed up the documents yet?

Witch : Can’t you see that his door is closed?He’s having a meeting and he refused to sign? How many times do I have to tell you? (Yelling her lungs out)

You know this type of person who has worked at one place for a very long time and they feel like they have all the rights and powers to do as they wish? The witch is definitely one of them. When she was yelling at me, I suddenly felt pity for her. Deep down inside she must have been a recluse. I suppose, she should find the right person to show her what it feels like to be having fun. The only funs that she might have are either while gossiping or bullying others.

I think don’t really care to get back to her soon. But eventually I will. Muahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhaha!

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Too pissed off to be working today

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