Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Khayalan Tingkat Tinggi

Sing along with me!

Had a hell of a weekend.


It was great to be home, as always. But when we broke the fast, everybody suddenly went into the still mode. Tuk Wan tried hard to hold back his tears while everybody ate silently. It was terrible just to think of it. Last year, while we had our meal, abah would be sitting on his lazy chair, holding Aliff Najmi while chit chatting with us while we had our meals. This year, Tuk Wan replaced him and staring at the empty space.

Kak Chik said to me, it’s such a pity that Aliff and Gebob’s unborn child have not the chance to know abah. She was sad as she felt that she only had a brief moment with abah. I asked my fave someone the other day about his loss. My fave someone said he wouldn’t change anything if he had been given the chance to do so. I for once had to agree with him.


Met a long lost friend and we tried to make up for all those times that we have lost. The best part would be the karaoke session. Thanks to the Japanese who had invented the karaoke machine! I don’t know why, but I always go for a karaoke during the fasting month. What’s with Ramadan and the karaoke? LOL

My fave someone who always anticipates with the idea of spending quality time at the karaoke sang his songs with gusto. It’s always remarkable to see him in that mode since he is usually pokerfaced. The transformation of his mode is always stimulating. The best bit was when Oat had chosen the wrong song and neither of us had any ideas on how to sing the song. As always, we made out our own tunes. Looking at the way we karaoke that night, we could have been chosen as the customers from hell.


It’s odd how people come and go in my life while it could be exhilarating at times just to think of it.


Hectic, but fun. Late for work as usual. Today, I was rushing to work and burnt my scarf while ironing. It was the second scarf in less than a week. Such a tragic! Sigh! I need to buy myself two alarm clocks, I suppose. Anybody wants to buy them for me? LOL

What are you reading?

Highly recommended especially to those who don’t like this type of book like me. Will review more when I’m done, which could means in another 3 months. LOL.

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Eka said...

cuba try this method...you minum banyak2 air masak before tido, then bila pagi mesti you nak terbangun to answer your nature call ler...but kalau you jenis 'pergi tandas dlm tido' i tak jamin this method will work..mesti basah katil you.. :P