Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bulan Julai Bulan Membaca

Here we are coming to end, which is also a beginning
All the smiles, tears, adrenaline, sweat, and broken hearts
Through the dances, clubs, sports, parties, and friendships
No one knows what each of us has gone through to be here
I can look around at everyone and wonder what they will be
Some may never remember their teachers, you, or even me
All the weight of world is now pressed upon our shoulders
Fighting the good fight to make something of ourselves
Four years of work to start all over again with a new fear
Not showing ourselves, not to shed a single tear
Where one door closes another opens, be we must walk through
Though nothing is what it seems, everyone wearing a mask
Afraid to open up for fear of being hurt, for fear of change
We will never know unless we make our fate and
Meet our destiny with all we have taken from this place
Sharing our love and friendship with new friends
Though never to replace our high school companions
How can we ever forget the memories we made in this chapter
The dark days coming into light, the days we did not want to wake up
The mornings after we let it loose, having to get up and make it through
I cannot see what lies ahead, but I know some things must stay unsaid
I will say I love every friend that I have made here at North Gwinnett
Thank you, you have no idea what you have done for me.
A.J. Henderson
What’s happening?

I’m on my second day of MC. I thought it might be a good day to rest. But no it’s not. My stomach is still cramping and I’m still losing my appetite. I tried to eat the porridge and thank god I didn’t throw out this time around. How I wish I was at home and mom will definitely prepare me a hell lot of good meals.

A few people were not convinced that I am having a low blood pressure. Reasons:
1) I could still be online
2) I could still update my blog
3) I could still answer calls and reply their smses

I don’t like to lie around whenever I get sick. It would make me feel so helpless and tired from doing nothing even days after I get better. So that’s why I keep my time occupied by doing all these things. So please understand me.

How’s work?

I failed my last assessment. Somebody sent me an sms and congratulate me on my failure. How thoughtful he is. The trainer came out with lots of reasons but there was one that he didn’t realize, I am not so keen to do this job. Alas, I need to do the test again after my MC. Others have taken their tests for the past 2 days. That would leave me alone to do the test.

I know for sure that there would come a day when I would throw up after a day’s work. You just don’t have any ideas on how terrible it is to answer the calls from all the customers. This might sounds offensive but some of the callers can be so vain and thought that I could really understand what they are talking about in their accents. A few of them can be so annoying and you wish that they’d turn deaf right after you end up their calls. A very good example is per below:

Caller : Cik, ambo nok check baki no tepon nie.. 01X-7575 XXX
Miss,I would like to check the balance for this no 01X-7575 XXX

Me : Saya ulang nombor tersebut ya En XXXX. 01X-757 7XXX
Mr XXXX, let me repeat the no again 01X-757 7XXX

Caller : Salah tu. 01X-7575 XXX
That was wrong 01X-7575 XXX

Me : Saya ulang sekali lagi ya Encik XXXX. 01X-757 7XXX
I repeat the no again Mr XXXX 01X-757 7XXX

Caller : Gapo nigh. Salah! 01X-7575 XXX
What’s this? Wrong! 01X-7575 XXX

Me : Baiklah! En XXXX 01X-7575 XXX
All right! Mr XXX 01X-7575 XXX

Need I tell more? LOL


I went back for a short visit last week. This time it was different and happier I would say. The three of us had reunited. For the hundredth time. Gebob, Kojeh and I went out together just like the old time. I suppose mom might shed some tears when we were out. We had so much fun together and all the grudges were forgotten that day. I pray that this will last.

My nephews and nieces were doing great. Apart from learning the fact that I had forgotten about Angah’s birthday and it turned out really ugly, I had so much fun spending my time with them.

I want a rich husband so I can shop everyday

I thank God for I still have my hearing ability even after I had to endure this type of chat for weeks. At times, I feel like I was at the Sarong Party Girls outings. For me, it would be annoying to having to listen to this type of craps while having my meal. It might sounds as if I’m an anti-social but sometimes I rather have my meal alone just to hinder myself from hearing so much craps. I should blame a few particular people who taught me that silent is golden when you can’t have a good chat about books, movies, sports or current issues for now I can’t seem to be able to tolerate this type of chat hahaha.

Other examples:

1) She thought that she’s so pretty. But look at her. The shirt that she wears must be bought from PS. I reckon she had never step into ASEANA in her entire life!
Quoted from a girl that just went to ASEANA and her bf just bought her a pareo for RM60.

2) I just can’t wait for Eric to get his pay. He promised to take me to KLCC and shop there. My other bf, which is a doctor, bought me a new skirt from RedRumMurder.
Quoted from a girl who has 3 boyfriends so far and counting.

It would be interesting to know what it feels like for them when they learn that life is not always a walk in the garden.

Do they hear you when you cry?

This is the book that I’ve been reading lately. Credit to Nazrul who lent me this book. It shall fall into the must read category. It not only reminds you of your values on life but also at the end of the day you’d feel so grateful for having all those people that you love, the job that you enjoy and lots of books to read (for me that is hehehe).

All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.
JRR Tolkien

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