Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Two postings in one day!

I might seem like a very hardworking blogger by writing two postings in a day. Or like Emi would have said: Gigih ya amat! I have to write this posting since I don’t want to lose the hype by delaying it.

It all started with a phone call from my fave someone who reminded me to watch the new reality show on tv3. Well, you guys have guessed it. Mencari Cinta (Searching for Love).I just realized that my fave someone was not aware that I my hi-fi could play the vcd’s.So I abruptly stopped watching the VCD and tuned in to TV3.

The program started by showing all the contestants doing their favourite past time and some interviews with their family and friends. I suppose the contestants must have a great headache before the shooting. What to wear? What to say? How to rehearse my family and friends so they look so natural when they talk about how great I am? I wonder if there was any family feud that happened because of this show. Their family members and friends must have argued on whom should be on TV. Those that were on the show must have done lots of sucking up hahahaha..

During the show, both my fave someone and I exchanged our comments using the SMS. I supposed it was best that we didn’t watch the show together or someone might have got killed by then.

After wasting my precious hour watching the show, these are the things that I could sum out:
1) Men can be fussier than women
One contestant said that he has 42 criteria’s that he wants a woman to have. He must have watched Stepford Wives far too many.

2) They can’t seem to compromise any flaws in a woman
Should they blame women for not falling in love them? Nope, they shouldn’t. It seems like they will only make room for a perfect girl. Shame on you guys J

3) All of them are bad actors
The part that I hate the most? When they got into the room and all of them tried to look impressed with the room’s d├ęcor. I bet kak chik could’ve acted better than they did. They tried so hard to make them look like an average Joe. It’s such a pity to see them that way.

If I were to be the ‘lucky girl’ in the show, I reckon they would have withdraw themselves out of the show on the spot like my fave someone said to me. LOL.
All in all, it would be fun to watch these guys strategize on how to win the girl’s heart.

So here’s to the contestants, a moving poet by Khalil Gibran. Cheers!

Song of Love XXIV

I am the lover's eyes, and the spirit's Wine,
and the heart's nourishment.
I am a rose. My heart opens at dawn and
The virgin kisses me and places me
Upon her breast.
I am the house of true fortune,
and the Origin of pleasure,
and the beginning Of peace and tranquility.
I am the gentle
Smile upon his lips of beauty.
When youth
Overtakes me he forgets his toil, and his
Whole life becomes reality of sweet dreams.
I am the poet's elation,
And the artist's revelation,
And the musician's inspiration.
I am a sacred shrine in the heart of a Child,
adored by a merciful mother.
I appear to a heart's cry; I shun a demand;
My fullness pursues the heart's desire;
It shuns the empty claim of the voice.
I appeared to Adam through Eve
And exile was his lot;
Yet I revealed myself to Solomon,
and He drew wisdom from my presence.
I smiled at Helena and she destroyed Tarwada;
Yet I crowned Cleopatra and peace dominated
The Valley of the Nile.
I am like the ages -- building today
And destroying tomorrow;
I am like a god, who creates and ruins;
I am sweeter than a violet's sigh;
I am more violent than a raging tempest.
Gifts alone do not entice me;
Parting does not discourage me;
Poverty does not chase me;
Jealousy does not prove my awareness;
Madness does not evidence my presence.
Oh seekers,
I am Truth,
beseeching Truth;
And your Truth in seeking and receiving
And protecting me shall determine my
Khalil Gibran

4 messages:

Eka said...

i heard about that show..but i seriously thinks that those men was so desperate....find women on national tv??what the heck are they thinking?fame?blurghhhh

Nana said...

ahkak tgk cite monkey king..
lagi bestt..muekekek

Ida said...

All of the guys are not my taste... First impression, none of them could actually prompt me to say "wahhhh.." They're from "goody 2 shoes" to snobbish type..

Well, maybe it's because they are on TV, but since it's a reality TV show, they should not be The Pretenders, right?

kekure said...

eka,yeap..they are capital D!
Nana,layan shin chan lagi berfaedah..
Ida,next time aku buat reality show aku jemput ko jd artis undangan ;-)