Monday, July 18, 2005

Murid-murid SKYM

Fact of the day:Mute's dimples could hold 1cent coins.

Nazrul and Mute looked so happy because they had been elected as the President and Vice President of Persatuan Alam dan Manusia SKYM.Both of them had bribed the whole school with ever so popular Mute's SKYM.

Megat stared at Gemok who was hiding his book under the table.Megat was in fact tried to find a way to steal Gemok's book to copy the answers for Maths homework.What Megat didn't know was that Gemok actually copied the answers from Jason who copied from Adam who copied from Ted who copied from Leman budak darjah 5 Purple who was standing at the back!

Cikgu Visitor was demonstrating the art of eating nasi goreng without having to open up your mouth which he had mastered for 40 years to Hazera and Pengki.

Hazera was so impressed while Pengki posed for the camera.

From Left to Right:

If you wonder why Nazrul looked like that, well he just had his ubat cacing before lunch.After lunch all the worms were waiting to come out.
Pengetua Sekolah,Cikgu Yasmin.Just by looking at her one would knows what does Kenyang Perut Suka Hati means :)
Ketua Kelas 5Pink,Habri who was trying his best to maintain his balooning tummy
Jaja,the member of Tunas Puteri who always so eager to camp around the school compound.

Gemok looked so distressed because he was afraid that he didn't enough money to pay for his meal.He forgot to asked for his school allowance from his mom earlier.He was actually counting for the 11th times.

Ah Tat pretended not to see Gemok counting his money.Alas he was ensuring that he could pau Gemok to pay for his lunch too.

Syahrulfikri was so happy because his mom would come to pick him up after school.He always lost his way back from school since he was in Darjah 1 Hijau.

This is Ah Tat.He had to wear the cap because his mom made him used ubat kutu which was given by Misi Halimah.

Credits to Hazera for all the pics.TQ SO STRONG!

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ted said...

eh, what about our ketua pengawas, kekure? no pic aa? ketua pengawas so lambat datang, kena lucut jawatan!

muteaudio said...

Dah dasar kura-kura, mestilah labat. Biar lambat, asalkan selamat. Tapi harus diingat. Kalau lambat, habis semua kena rembat (makanan).
My friend said that 'dimple' adalah sejenis kecacatan.

Anonymous said...

ish...i'm so sexy


kekure said...

Ketua Pengawas takde pic pasal ketua pengawas yg bz amik pics hehehe..
Mute,aku biaser la..datang lambat coz nak buat grand entrance muahahhaa..
Ah Tat,u really are sexy**drooling like nobody biz**

syahrulfikri said...

azlina dear... hhehe send gegambar ni kat email aku bule???

muteaudio said...

Pls send those pics to